I let my best friend lick my panties

I let my best friend lick my panties
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John's sexual adventures: Sister and Boyfriend include me in their reindeer games. Now you've probably read some of my previous adventures before now so I wont go into too much detail about some of the previous characters, please feel free to go back and read those to catch up. This is the second part of my previous story with my sister. It happened about 3 weeks after our little trist on a hot summer day. We were sitting at home one day when she told me her boyfriend Ryan was going to come over and they were going swimming out back.

I told her I was just going to watch some TV and work out, and maybe after I lifted I would swim. So we were sitting on the couch waiting for Ryan to come over and we just relaxed. I was watching sports center when Sarah decided to plop down right next to me, even though there were 4 empty seats in the room.

She just wanted to play I could tell right from the beginning. She started to cuddle up next to me and her hand slipped onto my thigh. I acted as though I didn't notice and kept watching the show, but deep down I was getting excited and the inside of my shorts started stirring for attention.

She seemed to take notice to the action in my pants and started to rub her hand along my thigh. Her soft warm hand felt good touching my thigh and without even saying anything she reacted quickly and started to move her hand higher to my waist band.

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She didn't enter but started to play with it massaging my waste. It felt great to feel her warm hand on my bare flesh and she started dipping her hand in my pants further down playing with my pubic regions but never going all the way in. I decided to put my arm around her and hold her close, and she took that as an invitation and her hand slipped all the way down and grasped my now hard cock.

"MMMM, looks like someone wants to play," she told me. "Your hands are so soft Sarah," I told her. She started to pump my cock up and down and moved up and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. I could feel the soft moistness on her lips and the taste of her cherry lipgloss. As she tried to back away I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in again, kissing her strongly, and deeper.

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We kept our make out session going for a while, and before you know it my cock was out of my pants and my hands were all over her chest. I was mshing my hands all along her big D cup breasts. She groaned loudly to the gestures of my hands, I was already out of breathe due to her hand pumping my cock. I gave a little wince due to the heat and friction on my penis and she got worried. "Whats wrong?" she asked.

"Just getting a little friction," I laughed. She obviously knew what was happening and kissed me deeply on the lips before moving down my body.


"Well I can change that," she said engulfing my entire cock in her mouth. I felt her warm lips at the base of my cock as her tongue swirled around the shaft, I felt like I was in heaven. "Oh sis that feels amazing," I encouraged her.


"mmm your so big," she said making a lip smaking sound as my cock popped out of her mouth. "I just love sucking my little brothers big cock." "Then get back down there missy," I commanded her pushing the back of her head towards my cock. I didn't have to tell her twice as she took the head of my throbbing dick in her lips swirling the tongue around the top of it.

I graoned out in approval as I felt her free hand move to my balls and start playing with them and the little space between my balls and the asshole. It felt good having that area rubbed and scratched I love it. "Ohhhh that feels so good Sarah," I told her, trying to make sure she kept rubbing the area.

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I felt her hand glide around and all of a sudden I felt her finger go right next to my ass, her lips sucking my swollen cock had me mezmorized but the sudden feeling of a finger by my asshole woke me out of the trance.

"Wooooow what are you doing?" I asked. "Just relax, I do this with Ryan and he loves it, It makes him cum so hard," she told me. And then she put her head back down, taking all 7 inches back into her mouth.

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I loved the feeling of her warm mouth around me. Then without any warning I felt it, her index finger had pierced my asshole, it hurt so much at first but as she slowly started to move it in and out, I felt the sensation in my balls.

Her head started bobbing faster and deeper along my shaft and then I exploded my load deep down her throat. She swallowed it all up and then popped off, dragging her finger out of my ass and licking it. "There now didn't that feel good," she asked.

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"It was amazing," I told her. "Now get over here and ride me!" She smiled and started to reach for her shorts to pull them down right when the doorbell rang. I looked at her in disappointment, she grabbed my cock in one hand and gave me a big passionate kiss.

"Don't worry we can continue this later," she told me. She gave me a few more jerks and then told me to pick up my pants. As I did she straightened her shirt and went and greeted Ryan at the door. I saw them kiss right away and thought to myself, that he probably tasted my cum still inside her mouth.

Now ive never really liked Ryan but I tolerated him. He treated my sister well and she liked him. He was about 6'2" about 20 years old and a little bit of a belly but not fat by any means.

He nodded his head at me as Sarah smilled. "Were going to go swim for awhile," she said. "You want to join." I instantly saw a look of disappointment on his face when heard my sister ask if I could join. I knew he wanted to mess around with her out there.

I told her maybe later, I wanted to watch some tv and maybe make some lunch. I looked out as they reached the pool, I saw my sister peel off her shorts and top to reveal her tight pink bikini.

It looked like her huge breasts were being restrained so hard that they were going to pop right out of the skimpy top. Then I saw ryan strip down to his trunks. They dived in an splashed around for awhile, and I just watched. I decided to leave it alone and go watch tv.

After about a half hour I listened and it was fairly quiet outside, I knew they mustve been doing something so I decided to look. I was surprised when I saw them sitting by the edge of the pool with my sister bouncing up and down on Ryan.

I knew they were obviously having sex, there was no hiding that. But I don't think they realized I was watching. I decided to slowly creep outside and go surprise them, being the rude perverted little brother I am, it suited me well. I slowly walked out and ended up right behind them, neither of them had noticed me until my sister opened her eyes and saw me standing behind them watching.

I adjusted my cock inside my shorts because I could feel it starting to grow. She didn't do anything but just kept bouncing on Ryans cock, when all of a sudden she motioned for me to strip.

I looked at her slightly confused and questioning but decided why the hell not, and slid off my shorts so I was standing nude by the pool. I knew what she wanted next and I started to stroke my cock in front of her. "This feels so good babe," I heard Ryan say to her.

"Would you ever have a 3-some," my sister blurted out. "Like with another girl, or a guy," he asked still thrusting into her. "A guy, I've always wanted to have two dicks at once," she told him. "Yea I guess I would, depends on the guy, I guess," he said. "You know im bi so it doesn't really matter to me." I was shocked to hear that from him, I had no idea he was bi. And then my sister motioned for me to come forward.


"Would you ever play with my brother," she asked. "What do you mean, John?" he asked. "yea, would you ever get with him, like suck him or let him fuck you," she asked. "Yea I might, why are you asking." "Welll……becasuse he's standing right behind you stroking his cock," she blurted out. "What?" he said and jumped up looking at me trying to cover up. I was shocked and scared.

"What the hell is going on?" "Sara why did you do that," I said. "You knew he was there," he asked again. "You said you'd let him fuck you, so why not right now. We've been having sex for weeks now, so we might as well include him in the fun so he doesn't have to sit inside all day all hot and sweaty." "What??" he asked.

"You've been&hellip.but you're brother&hellip.why? How?" "Shut up," I told him.

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I started to get in the water and I grabbed my sister by the breasts and brought her into me and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth as I pinched her nipples. I noticed him watch me grope his girlfriend, my sister. "But, but you're…" he tried again. My sister looked at him and just grabbed his cock.

"You want him to suck you John," she asked me. I just nodded as I played with her titties. "Well the man wants it, get down and suck on his cock Ryan!" "Sarah, is this for real." "Just do it." He hesitated at first but then I saw him drop down to his knees and slowly reached out and grabbed my cock.

IT had been over a year since a boy had touched me, but I knew it was ok. He started to slowly stroke my cock as I took Sarahs breasts into my mouth.

I saw her hand stroking his cock, and then I felt his warm mouth wrap around the head of my own. It felt so good, I used my head and just shoved his head deep onto my cock throat fucking my sisters boyfriend. He gagged at first but then he got used to it and just relaxed and let me use his mouth and throat as my own personal fuck toy.

I just pumped as hard as I could into his mouth, my balls smacking his chin. Sarah kissed me passionately. "Tear him to pieace" she told me sharply. I don't know why but it seemed she wanted me to use her boyfriend like a rag doll. I took him by the hair and ripped him off my cock and turned him around. He didn't hesitate and I just shoved my cock in one swift motion deep into his ass hole.

"Oh yea," he moaned. "You like my brother fucking your ass," my sister mocked at him. I started to pump hard and fast.

Sarah grabbed his fat cock in her hand wanking it. "Its so big," he moaned. "Take it all you gay son of a bitch," I yelled at him. And pumped harder. I saw Sarah go in front of him and slip his cock into her pussy. He would push deep into her and on his out he thrusted his hips into me making me fuck him deep. It didn't take much longer but I blew my load deep in his ass and got off of him.

I walked around and told my sister to take my cock in her mouth to clean it. She licked it all up and loved it. We ended up fucking for a good 3 hours that day, I got both their asses and mouths, and my sisters sweet pussy. It was so good. I loved it. But sadly this was the last experience I ever had with a man, I had never done anything else to this day, and now I don't want to either, im strictly into my wife and maybe a few other woman but that's another story.

It was also the last time I took my sisters cunt, I wish I could've gotten more out of her but about a week later is when I met my first girlfriend, who eventually turned into my wife. I'll save that for next time! Hope you enjoyed it.