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Free youthful legal age teenager porno videos
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A Real Finish All eyes were on us. Saturday night at the local race track in southern Kentucky was always a fun one. Food, alcohol, and local racers trying to make a name for themselves in hopes that one day maybe they'll get a big break and crack a deal with a bigger team and make it to the big stage of NASCAR. I myself, am just your average 16 year old. I get high marks in school, I hang out with friends, but on the weekends, I pack up my Pro National stock car and head out from my home in Missouri.

With the help of my Dad and his friends, I race all over the deep south just trying to have fun, but also hold out hopes that one day I will reach the big times. People never understood my passion for auto racing, standing over 6 feet tall and weighing about 175 pounds, people always thought I'd take up baseball or football.

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Those are great, but the sound of an untamed beast awakening and rattling around a high banked track at 160 miles an hour really seems better, right? I'm an earnest and humble kid, I never get in trouble and never brag about the things in life that I have. I'll admit, my Dad has money, I mean…this car didn't buy itself.

But, I'm blessed to have a supportive family like mine. Along the way, you meet other competitors that have the same flame in your heart as you. Lucas Thrasher was the hardest racing 14 year old you'd ever meet, standing at just 5'6 and 130 pounds, Luke would do anything to win and he made sure you knew that.


At the end of the race, his car was always the most damaged, but a good half of the time, it was the car in Victory Lane. "Well well well, if it ain't my good bud Chris Wheelen, how ya doin?," he said pushing his dark brown hair out of his defined face. "Not so bad Luke," extending my arm out to shake his hand, "ready to kick your ass here in a minute," I said with a wink. Luke laughed, "Ah man.we'll see about that!" The command to get in our cars was given, and in a couple minutes our engines revved to life.

I started 4th and Luke started 8th out of 17 cars. This was a 50 lap race and it was the final of the night, $10,000 dollars was on the line. Coming to get the flag, my heart was pounding, but I was confident I was the car to win. My car was lightning fast, I quickly jumped out to the lead on by the fifth lap and lead all the way until lap 45, that's when the caution came out for a wreck.

After cleanup 3 lap dash to the end was needed to settle the winner, and in 2nd place, right on my bumper, would be Luke Thrasher.

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Green flag dropped and Luke was going for it all, he couldn't quite get me until the final lap. Luke drove up on the outside of me, rubbing and exchanging paint all the way down the frontstrech to turn one, where he gained a short advantage and took his one opportunity to drive right over my hood, cutting me off, and forcing me to nearly wreck.

The checkered flag waved, the fans cheered, and Luke Thrasher was your winner, with me finishing in second. I was heartbroken…but Luke drove his heart out and clearly deserved the win. I pulled into pit road and parked the car, as soon as I got out I was showered with congrats and "you'll get em next times" but I immediately tuned them out, I had to congratulate Luke on the win.

I walked into Victory Lane with a Coke shook up in my hand, and while he was doing interviews with the local TV affiliate, I unleashed the carbonation all over him rubbing his head. I was happy for him, because he was the best racer out there, and if I were to lose, I wanted it to be to the best.

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He gave me a bright, toothy smile and hugged me. "Thanks for bein a good sport, Chris," Luke said to me. "Hey, no problem man, you deserve it." "Hey Chris, I have an RV that has an extra bunk in it, wanna watch footage of the race and I'll drop you off at home in a couple days after you check out my new place in Georgia?" "You think your parents would do that for me Luke?" "Absolutely, they like you plenty.

Go talk to your parents and I'll meet you in the parking lot in an hour," Luke told me. I agreed and went to track down my parents, I explained the situation of wanting to be able to learn from my competitors and they agreed to drive me back home.

My parents smiled and told me that was fine. I helped load the car back into the trailer and hook it up to the back of the truck and I told them I'd have my phone on me and that I'd call when I was nearing home. After that, I decided to head to Luke's RV.

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I stepped in and saw Luke in his boxers, freshly showered, checking the internet and drinking a Coke. He grinned and told me to use the shower when I needed to. I took a shower and I changed into the shorts and tee I brought with me.

He was uploading the race onto his computer so we could watch and take notes.

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"Hey Chris, man, you're a hell of a racer, and you're so humble about it, I just thought you should know, you're kinda a role model for me man…I really like your style." I slightly blushed and replied "Luke you're the hardest racer I know, you're a kick ass driver out there, you're younger than me but my mentor on track." "And you're my mentor off track!" Luke interjected.

"Well I guess our friendship works out well right?" I asked. Luke smiled and the video was done processing so we could watch it, Luke's RV was really comfortable, the back suite had a full sized bed and up front there was a small kitchen area for a coffee maker and sink with two burners and a booth where we had the laptop ready to watch the race. We made a lot of notes in the hour we watched the race and we talked about setup's for next time, then we decided to head back to his bed where it was closed off by a door.

We sat on opposite sides of the bed and he told me a lot more about himself, since this was the first time off track we had really hung out. He told me about his new home in Georgia with a pool and basketball court and his school where he had girls all over him. Personally I had my full share of girls come talk to me, but I was so focused on other things I never bothered to be in a relationship…but for some reason, I was always smiling and comfortable on and now off the track with Luke…did…I…have more feelings for him?

Luke cut off my inner thoughts by saying, "Honestly, girls seem to really like me, but I don't know…I've never met a girl I really liked more than a friend." I nodded and said, "Well, you're young, it'll come to you as you get older I'm sure." Luke nodded and asked, "Have you ever done anything with a girl?" I shook my head no and he said he hadn't either. "I wonder what…sex…is like. I mean. I…" Luke cut himself off.

"You?" I questioned, I wanted to know what he was going to say. Luke leaned over and whispered, "I've jacked off before, and that felt really good." I chuckled and agreed, "It's better than winning?" I asked.


He contemplated and replied "Winning's a close first," with a smile. And this point we were still close from when he leaned over to whisper. I looked into his chocolate brown eyes and he looked into my soft green eyes.

His face was still boyish, with his dark hair unstyled and his freckled sporadically placed on his thin, defined face. While I had started growing a beard on my sides of my face and had combed hair over to the side, with just the right amount of babyfat still left on me. He smiled and slowly backed away, he quickly shivered from the cold air coming from the AC, he leaned into me and I grabbed him as he said "I think you'll serve as a fine blanket." We talked for a hours, about our past and our futures.

We had the same set of morals and we both wanted to be professional racers when we grew up. After a few minutes of silence, Luke poked his head up from my arm and got on top of me. "You know, they say that I'm the best at WWE." "Oh really?," I asked, "How so?" "Like this." He replied and as soon as he said that he took a pillow to me full force and pinned me down, both of us laughing.

He rolled off me and we were laying right next to each other. "You know Luke, I think we should do this more often." "I think I should have done this a long time ago." And with that, Luke turned his head and planted his lips right onto mine.

He gave me a warm, embracive hug and kept kissing me. I returned the kiss and truly felt the passion between us growing. That wasn't the only thing growing, during our kisses, I grow a strong hard on and it got worse with each passionate kiss we shared. "Want me to fix that for you, Chris?" he asked pointing to my hard on. I nodded and he got rid of my shirt and pants revealing my 6 inch hard on that sprang free. I then put him on his back and took off his clothes revealing a 4 inch hard on, a very fine one for a boy his age.

He took my dick and began slowly kissing the bottom, working his way up to the tip before finally my whole cock in his mouth. He began sucking hard as I played with his hair and moving his head up and down on my throbbing cock. The pleasure was indescribable, and he knew that soon I would cum.

"Chris, please, fuck me, be inside me." I moaned slightly and nodded. I lifted him onto his knees and I spread his tanned, boyish cheeks apart and began violently kissing and pleasuring his hole. Luke moaned my name and after a few minutes I lined up my dick and pushed in slowly, before fully thrusting my dick into him and gaining a rhythm that matched his body coming towards me and my body thrusting into his. "Aw Chris, fuck me, show me how tough of a competitor you are!

Fuck!" he whispered loudly. I thrusted in harder and began shorter and quicker pumps into his ass until I finally said, "aw Luke I'm gonna cum." Luke than took my cock and began sucking violently, slobbering all over and sucking strongly until I came into his mouth. Each orgasm sent waves of pleasure and shock down my spine while he gulped my seed up. I fell on top of him and began kissing him deeply and passionately before reaching my hand down to his dick and stroking his member hard and fast.

I swung my body around to be in a 69 position and began sucking his dick just like he did, while he began making out with my hole as I did. Then I laid on my back as he directed his boner into my ready virgin hole.


He began slow and steady, than became fast, hard, and spastic with his thrust into me. I moaned his name as he picked my legs up and pumped faster in and out. "Yes Luke, please keep it up, just like that, fuck you're too good. Luke!" As soon as he heard his name the second time he thrust in and came deep into my bowels while his eyes fluttered in pure ecstasy.

He fell on top of me and we had a few quick kisses while cleaning each other up. "Chris…I love you. As a driver, competitor," I cut him off. "Luke, I love you too.


You're the best." "Chris, please, be my boyfriend, I love you." "I'd like nothing more than that, you tough son of a bitch." He chuckled at that at we closed our eyes together and fell asleep under the covers, as competitors, teenagers, and new lovers.