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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism Chapter 6 - Slutty Snackboxes Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author Fred sighed as he leant back against the bed, panting heavily as he did so. His long red hair was drenched with sweat, and he pulled his hands through it in very obvious frustration. Nothing worked. Everything they tried had failed in a glorious puff of smoke.

It would make some fireworks, perhaps. But not Skiving Snackboxes. The twins had been hard at work, developing their newest and grandest business idea. The 'Skiving Snackboxes' were sure to make them rich at Hogwarts. But the problem was in making the damned things.

Though they were both relatively accomplished potioneers, sweets that induced safe vomiting for several minutes were a little beyond them. "Any luck?" called George from the other side of the bed. "None" Fred replied, casting a quick charm to dissipate the smoke that still billowed from the cauldron.

George straightened up from his own work and walked around to stand against the wall, consulting with Fred.

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"These bloody snackboxes will be the death of us, mate. What is that now? Four explosions in an hour?" Fred counted in his head. "Something like that." He got up as well, and went to wipe his hands on the dirty rag hung from their door that had once resembled a towel. "Lets take a break" he suggested to George, who looked relieved. They both emerged from their stifling dark room into the pleasantly cool hallway, and allowed the air to wash over them in a refreshing wave.

George led the way down to the room one flight below, which belonged to Harry and Ron. They pushed open the door, only to see an empty room. "Oh, blimey, Harry's still at the hearing" Fred remembered. "Where do you reckon Ron is?" George asked. He turned to leave, but Fred stopped him.

"Lets have a look around. I'm still suspicious after that time a few nights ago. They were acting bloody weird." George rolled his eyes, but agreed and the two of them walked in and closed the door. Fred walked around for a bit, looking over their surroundings. He spotted a book poking out from under Harry's pillow, which he considered odd as Harry rarely read. He pointed it out to George. "A diary?" his brother asked. Fred considered. "Could be. But do you really think Harry is going to be the Diary type after what happened three years ago with Ginny?" George chuckled.

"Oh. Yeah, I guess not." Fred stepped forward and pulled out the book. After reading the title page he looked up at his twin, a spark gleaming in his eye. "Oh boy. Looks like Harry and Ron have stumbled across something here." He handed the book over to George, who read the first few pages in quick glances.

"Bloody hell" were his first words.

He looked up at Fred and grinned. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Fred smiled back at him. "I'm thinking 'Skiving' won't be the only form of Snackbox we sell." * * * The twins spent the rest of the morning with quills in hands, going through the book and copying down any spells and recipes they thought could come in handy later.

Not wanting to steal the book outright, they had deciding on making their own small copied out version. Maybe they could even sell that too one day, when the business had grown even further. Just when they thought they had enough, they heard Harry's triumphant return and slammed the book shut. Stuffing it quickly back under Harry's pillow, they scarpered back to their own room and stored the notes safely in a locked drawer. After congratulating Harry on his survival, and finishing a hasty lunch, they were back up in their room deciding on what to do first with their new found knowledge.

"We'll mainly be working with the potions section of this, I think" George thought aloud. "Yeah, but spells will be handy too. Mainly for our own use, brother." George grinned again.

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He straightened up, holding one roll of parchment. "What about this one?" He handed it to Fred, who read. The Potion of Sexual Appetite - This is a fairly complex potion, but its versatility makes this particular brew worth the effort. Depending on how it is brewed, it will give the drinker a differing level of sexual lust, and they will then crave a certain amount of intimate contact. The effects last for several hours, with exact lengths ranging from person to person.

However; upon fainting the drinker will return to a normal state instantly. The potion takes a few minutes to begin to effect the recipient.

Warning! - Take extreme care when brewing this potion, as incorrect practice may lead to a foul brew and cause unwanted side effects Warning! - This potion is illegal to brew.

Keep it out of sight and the application subtle When Fred had finished he nodded. "This one's good. Let's give it a shot." He read the list of ingredients. "We've got all we need right here." They set to work, brewing up a batch of the 'Potion of Sexual Appetite'.

They decided to go with quite a strong recipe, in order to make the girl that eventually drank it an insatiable slut for hours. The book hadn't lied. It was indeed an advanced potion, and Fred felt sure that even Snape would not be able to whip it up in moments.

After a full afternoon of hard work, they sat back and stared at the simmering cauldron before them. "You think it'll work?" George asked. Fred thought. "We need to test it. Somewhere without any consequences should it go wrong." "What about." At that moment they heard their mother calling for supper and, not wanting to feel her wrath, they got up and left the room in a hurry.

"Where were you going to say?" Fred asked hastily as they rounded a banister. "The Pub down the the end of the road?" suggested George. Fred smiled. "Oh yeah.

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The Pelican." * * * A few hours later, the twins were stood outside the door to the Pelican, a small vial of the potion in each of their back pockets. They looked at each other, grins on their freckled faces, and stepped over the threshold. The pub was lively.

Fred liked the ambiance, and was reminded strongly of The Three Broomsticks on cold winter evenings at Hogsmeade. He immediately began looking at the ladies in the building, looking for targets to try out their new spike on. George nudged him and pointed at a couple of girls sat at a corner table, giggling at a joke one of them had made. Fred nodded, and they both turned and made for the table. As they approached, the two girls noticed and one whispered into the other's ear.

Fred and George knew they had been accepted as the girls shifted slightly in their seats to make room for them on the benches. "Anyone in these seats?" George asked them, grinning in a friendly manner. "No, please" answered the girl on the right in a strong Scottish accent.

She was pretty, with long flowing brown hair and a heart shaped face. Her eyes were large and staring, with pretty grey iris'. She looked young, but the beer at her place was evidence that she was eighteen. George sat down next to her and smiled. "Hi, I'm Fred Weasley." It was customary for the twins to introduce themselves the wrong way round.

Fred gave a loud fake gasp, and spluttered "No! He's not, I am. That's George" The second girl laughed at this. She was blonde, and shorter than the brunette despite looking older. Her eyes were deep blue, and she had a cute little mouth that was begging for a cock inside of it, at least that's what Fred thought. They introduced themselves swiftly. The blonde's name was Becky, and the brunette was Alice. After only a few minutes of conversation it became evident that they were a good laugh.

The twins wanted to spend the whole night just being muggles with them. But there was work to be done, and they had plenty of girls clamoring for them anyway back at Hogwarts.

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Money was on their mind tonight. After about ten minutes the twins went up to the bar to get another round of drinks. A plump, rather grumpy looking woman came over. As soon as she appeared Fred took his wand out of his back pocket and concealed it behind his wrist. "What d'you want?" she asked George. He considered. "Can we get four lagers, please?" She scrutinized him carefully. "I'm gonna need to see." As soon as she started speaking Fred pointed the concealed wand at her and murmured 'confundus'.

She stuttered into silence, and a blank look came over her face. "That's fine, I'll just go and go that for you" were her next words. George offered Fred a subtle thumbs up, as they waited to pay. The drinks arrived, they handed the money to her. While she wandered off to get change, the twins carefully poured a vial of potion into two of the drinks. When they were back at the table they all raised their glasses and drained some of the beers.

Then, as the conversation continued, the waiting began. As the minutes passed, Fred started noticing some subtle changes in the girls. They both leaned in closer to the boys, and he watched as Alice's gaze became fixated on George's lips, with an occasional glance at his crotch.

He looked right and saw Becky staring at him hungrily. Her leg had been stroking against his for over a minute now. A moment later the twins made eye contact and both of them thought the same thing.

Bloody well go for it. Fred turned and began to reciprocate Becky's not so subtle advances, leaning in and making out with her hotly. She was lost in his spell, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth in a sloppy dance. His hands caressed the curves of her body, feeling her purt buttocks and her sumptuous breasts.

They were larger than he had anticipated, and he reveled in their fullness as his hand slipped inside the cup of her bra and circled her erect nipple. He was sure that George was engaged in the same sort of activities, and sure enough when he broke free of Becky's facial assault he saw his twin with his head on Alice's chest, his tongue darting between her breasts as she fought to contain the moans of pleasure his treatment was supplying to her.

Fred lowered a hand from the flat of her stomach and it sank between her outstretched legs, finding her eager cunt quickly.


He slipped his fingers inside her shorts and felt her moist lips jump as his touch met them. After sitting in anticipation for so long, she was evidently over sensitive. He's take care of that swiftly. He began forcing a finger inside her sopping pussy, feeling her walls contract to squeeze his finger and illicit more feelings of pleasure in her cunt.

Fred made out with her again to keep her quiet as he fingered her intimately. George was having less success. Maybe Alice had had a stronger dose, or maybe she was more susceptible to the potion, but in any case she was far wilder than Becky. She was desperately trying to climb on top of George, kissing him loudly and noisily moaning at him to fuck her.

This was attracting the attention of nearby patrons, and a few scowled at them. Another couple however, closer to them in age, looked on with interest.

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Fred turned Becky's head to them, and the gleam in her eye couldn't be missed by the pair of young lads. They looked like students, and they also looked like they knew what this could turn into. They weren't the only ones, however. More and more people in the pub were spotting the scene in the corner, and men seemed to be standing up to keep it in view. Becky had stood up and walked over to the two boys that first noticed the corner table.

She dropped to her knees and started unzipping their trousers. By now a lot of people were getting up, scowling. The bar was crowded with people trying to settle tabs as everyone overwhelmed by the proceedings got out as fast as possible. But there were always more people crowding round the corner, men young and old were watching and hoping to join in as Alice finally succeeded in getting on top of George and unzipping his flies.

She pulled out his cock and started stroking it, eliciting soft grunts from George as she did so. Fred got to his feet, pulling his cock out from his jeans. He climbed under Becky as she crouched on the floor, and pulled down her shorts and panties in one fluid motion. She moaned as his hard prick pressed up against her wet labia. The bulbous head was oozing precum, and he groaned as he forced it into her tight snatch in one slow thrust.

Her head was bobbing up and down on the cocks of the two men she was sucking off, and the both had a hand on the back of her head, guiding her motions with a firm grip.


She was gagging, and sucking noises slipped out of her full mouth as they forced her deeper. George was by now forcing his entire length into Alice's dripping pussy. She moaned and threw her head back, riding him in obvious bliss.


He thrust upwards wildly, unleashing the sexual urge he had kept pent up for weeks of summer holiday. At school he got plenty.

At home he got none. Fred had just finished fucking Becky's delightful cunt, and was enjoying a pleasurable orgasm as his seed shot into her quivering pussy. She had moaned loudly onto the cocks she was sucking a few moments ago, and he could only account it to the potion that she had cum so quickly.

By now more people were joining in. A short stout man was stood behind George, and Alice sucked him off as she rode George, her head lurching back and forth on his pulsing member. He sighed in release, and took her head in his hands, shoving her down onto his crotch. Her desperate gagging meant nothing to him. She was just an oblivious fuckdoll. Becky had risen to her feet and was leading a group of several men, including Fred, round towards where the pool tables sat.

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Up until this point they had been obscured from the bar. But no longer. Fred watched as the landlord began walking out from behind the bar, cursing.

The other staff looked on, glaring at them. Fred had been ready for this. Once again he subtly raised his wand under his wrist and cast 'confundus' at each member of staff in turn. They simultaneously turned and walked out the back door with a strong but inexplicable desire to clean the back lot. Becky was laid out on the pool table in moments, the rest of her clothing ripped off in a flurry. She gasped as a thumb was shoved into her virgin ass, but only for a moment before another man shoved his large cock down her waiting gullet.

She gagged and spluttered, but also enjoyed being used by so many men in her current state. Her appetite was being fulfilled. Alice was in a worse situation. She seemed to have been lumped with a rougher crowd, and they were enjoying having a fit young teenager to play with. The same short man that had face fucked her earlier had laid her out on the table and was prodding at her pussy with his large cock.

George had climbed up behind her head and was shoving his cock into her throat at breakneck pace. But her appetite drove her on. Alice still wanted more.

She was stroking the cocks of two men who had sat on either side of the table. Occasionally one would slap her tits or tickle her, causing her to squeal onto the cock buried in her mouth. She moaned as the short man thrust deeply into her, and grabbed her hips with purpose. He began to jackhammer into her with all the strength he could muster. The scene on the pool table was very different. Becky was on her hands and knees, moving around the table as she gave an exquisite blowjob to each man in turn.

As she did so, the man behind her would lick her out, savoring her delicious juices and fingerfucking her asshole. After a long while, when their stamina wore thin, Fred and George got together and talked, watching as the girls continued to fuck with wild, primal lust.

"Blimey, mate, I'm fuckin exhausted" complained George. "That's because your crowd fucked the shit out of Alice" Fred told him. "You should have come and enjoyed a passionate fuck with Becky." "She good?" "I'm serious, man, she's got a future as an escort or something." George chuckled.

He turned to look at the ongoing scene behind them. "You think they'll be okay?" he asked. Fred laughed. "They'll be fine. Who knows, maybe they enjoyed it?" They turned and walked out the door, heading back down the road to Grimmauld Place.

Fred thought back to Alice and Becky. He had no idea if they would be okay. But it didn't matter. What mattered to him was that he could think of countless people at the sexually depraved school that Hogwarts was who would buy the marvelous potion.

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They would be rich, and their last year of school would be incredible.