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Horny Amateur Black couple pussy fucking
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Billy comes home from school excited to show his mother his report card. He rushes inside as she comes out of her room clad only in a silk robe. He pauses as he cant stop from staring at his mothers slender curves, shown easily as the thin robe clings to her damp skin. Her dark hair rests on her shoulders, creating wet spots that run down her chest, clinging to the small but firm breasts. "What is it sweetie?" "Mom, I got straight A's!" he says as her question snaps him back to reality.

"That's great, let's celebrate! I'll order a pizza and we can order a movie. What would you like to watch?" "Something scary." Billy yells as he runs up to his room to change out of his school clothes while Mary scrolls through the movies and orders something recommended before checking on the laundry. Its not long before the the pizza arrives and Mary joins Billy on the couch, very full glass of wine, settling against the arm.

Billy sits in a t-shirt and gym shorts and looks over at his mother as she curls her smooth toned legs under her. As he watches she leans over to pick up a slice of pizza and robe loosens just enough that he almost makes out the silhouette of one of his mothers breasts.


His young hormones raging, he is glad he wore loose shorts as he has to adjust them to hide his growing hardness. Billy continues watching his mother as she finishes the pizza and curls her legs under her. His eyes trace up her smooth slender legs as the rises up a little higher.

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He licks his lips as his pants continue to get tighter and his mother sips wine unaware. He moves a little closer to her to try to get a better look in the light of the movie but his mother notices the movement. "Is the movie too scary?" "A little but not too scary." "Well we can cuddle a bit if you want," she says with a smile, thinking he's too proud to admit he's afraid.

She lays back onto her back resting her head on the arm while he settles against her, resting his head on her left breast. The motion causes the robe to open a little more, showing off much of the top of her chest and breasts.

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She thinks nothing of it since its her child resting under her arm as she caresses his back in reassurance. Billy rests one hand on his mother's stomach, fiddling with the smooth cloth of the robe, unable to take his eyes off his mothers breast, only inches in front of his face and shielded by just a layer of fabric.

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He lets out a long slow sigh, watching the fabric move with his breath. He hears her heart and breath quicken, he sees her nipple harden through the thin fabric as his hot breath rushes over it. As he lets out long slow breaths, directing them to rush into her robe he feels her shifting a little under him, taking the motion to nuzzle into the breast he rests on.

Feeling its shape and firmness against his cheek he fills this nipple harden as well. Tired in the dark and the haze of the wine she tries to escape from the feelings of loneliness as she closes her eyes. Billy could feel her breath slowing, chest rising and falling evenly. "Mom?" he whispers quietly.

He shakes her hip lightly but she doesn't respond. He slides his hand down from her hip over her thigh, he looks down as he eases her robe up, baring more and more of her thigh. He reveals the semi see-through lace covering her hips. He traces the lines around the curves of her thighs as his eyes move back up his mothers body to the breast.

He blows a little harder and the robe drifts, getting caught on the hardened nipple. His hand slide up over her mound and he feels her shiver, feels the heat between her legs.

He delicately undoes the tie at her waist. The robe splits open above his wrist as his hand slides slowly up her body. She coos softly in her sleep as he opens the robe completely down one side, getting the first full view of his mothers breast, he breaths in sharply. He gently touches his finger tip to her hardened nipple and she gasps, her body tensing.

Pausing he slowly trails his fingers back down her body, running the tips back and forth along the lace-lined waistband of her panties. His lips press against the soft, flushed skin of her chest in light kisses, pressing the other side of the robe open as his lips inch closer to the hardened tip.

He feels her body tensing and her breathing changes as she begins to rouse. His heart races as he realizes that this is the the last chance to back out or go all in. He quickly takes the rock hard nipple into his mouth, suckling his mothers tit as he dives his fingers under the waistband of her panties, pauses a bit over the neatly trimmed patch, then plunge between the hot wet lips.

She cries out in a mix of shock and pleasure. As she struggles to wake through a haze, her mind screams at her that something is wrong and she grabs at his hair in one hand, wrist in the other, but her body is already betraying her and the grip is weak.

"What are you doing," she gasps. "You have to stop," when he doesn't respond. Even as she pulls lightly at his wrist, her legs widen slightly, and her hips press up a hint. As his fingers grow more bold, and his lips tug harder, she begins to mewl in lustful pleasure.

Her hips buck as he presses his thumb over her clit. As her resistance fails her, between quiet moans she begs, "You have to stop. You can't do this." He feels her resistance weakening.

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The walls of her wet pussy squeeze and pull on his probing fingers. His head is filled with the want of have those walls squeeze and pull at his painfully hard member, tightly restrained in his shorts.

With his free hand he starts sliding the shorts down. His mothers eyes widen and she moves to reach down on stop him. He realizes instantly and nips down on the breast in his mouth and feels all the muscles in his mothers body convulse and constrict with an electrifying wave of pleasure, pacifying her long enough for him to get the shorts off.

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for the first time his cock feels his mothers soft, smooth skin, pressing against the inside of her thigh. Mary's heart races from the chaos of emotions in her mind.

A hurricane of lust, guilt, shock all mixed in the fog of wine and her body wont listen to her. The longer it goes on the more her body presses into her sons advances, despite her brain screaming how wrong it is. He pulls his hand from her crotch and slides it around under her as his other hand also slides down the back of her panties to cup her tight ass.

He squeezes pulls her hips against his, pressing his hard member against her mound as his lips move up to her neck. She is shocked to find her legs squeeze around his hips, her hands loosening there holds on him.

Her hands fall to grip the couch cushions as he presses his hips down again, her hips lifting up to meet his, his hands kneading the flesh of her ass. As he presses his hips down a third time he moves in time with her pressing up against him and slides his hands down her legs, dragging her panties down with them.

She tells her legs to clamp shut but they wont respond, moving like putty at the command of his touch.

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He suckles her other breast as he peels the panties completely off, tossing them to the side. With tears of shame in her eyes, her body invites him as he settles over her body, kissing her lips for the first time, pressing into the kiss and finding an enthusiastic welcome.

His hands explore her supple body that shows few signs of aging as he guides his tip to her inviting entrance. As he presses in one hand settles, cupping her small breast, thumb rubbing the hardened bud. His other hand slides down her hip to cup her ass and with a firm pull he drives fully into her.

With a long low moan she arcs her body into him, pressing her hips down over his length. As he settles into a rhythm she grips the cushions as her body writhes against his. His lip break from hers and travel down her neck over her chest and breast. When his lips wrap around her nipple she claws into the couch, her hips press against his as his tongue flicks her nipple. As she feels waves of pleasure build from his even thrusts, her pussy squeezes around his cock. His fingers squeeze in response, pressing into the firmness of her ass and breast, nails presses into the soft flesh as he lets out a low primal groan feeling her completely as her pussy milks his cock.


As he sags against her in exhausted bliss her thoughts finally clear and she cannot help but reflect with guilt on what she allowed to happen, wondering what consequences she would have to face.