Mum Cassandra Cain Teachs How To Slamm

Mum Cassandra Cain Teachs How To Slamm
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Robin Makes A Decision by bodaciousbob © His hand had made his way up my thigh until his fingers were brushing the white cotton of my panties where they covered my sex. I grabbed his forearm and held it with all of my strength to keep him from working his fingers inside of the elastic band where they would meet with my freshly shaven sex. His other hand had worked my left breast out of its bra cup where he was rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

I wanted to tell him to stop but his mouth was clamped onto my mouth and his tongue was inside of me as though he wanted to sample my stomach contents. In spite of my predicament my mind went wandering back over how I had ended up in this position. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I had met Ron in my junior year of high school. I had just made the cheerleading squad and he was the junior quarterback on the high school football team.

It was very cliché, cheerleader and quarterback, but I could not help falling for him. He was a dark haired, handsome athlete and one of the most popular guys in the school.

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I was the typical long legged, blond, large-breasted girl next door type. Well my breasts were large by high school standards, which was all that was really needed to make the cheerleading squad. We soon became an item, making all of the dances, traveling to away games, and hanging out during summer vacations. Of course we had our own private dates to movies which normally ended up with a late night make out session while parked on the shores of Deacon Lake.

These were always innocent enough and I saw to it that it stayed that way. When we became seniors, I was named head of the cheerleading squad and Ron was team captain and starting quarterback for the team. We were also both more mature and starting to think about what we were going to be doing after high school. Ron was definitely headed for college on a football scholarship and I should have been making plans for college but I wasn't quite sure that was the direction I wanted to go.

I had joined the Drama Club and had fallen in love with being on stage.

I had got the lead in a couple of the plays we put on and everyone said that I was a natural to go into TV or movies. Our football season had gone remarkably well and we were headed to the state championship on the upcoming Friday.


The cheerleading squad and I had just finished our last practice before the Big Game. I knew the girls were in high spirits because we had practiced hard for two hours after school without the normal griping from the girls about their periods, parents and boyfriends. I was in the shower with my face up to the steamy shower when I heard the crack of a wet towel and felt the sharp sting on my right buttock. I yelped and jumped out from under the shower almost simultaneously with the sound.

"Damn that hurts," I muttered while looking around for whom had inflicted this indignity upon me. And there was Sandy with a towel in her hand, the obvious culprit. She was standing there naked, grinning, while twirling her towel getting ready for another strike. Sandy was rather short but God had made up for it by giving her a well-developed chest that was out of proportion with her diminutive figure.

She was also the most immodest person I had ever met. She seemed to be just as comfortable without her clothes as with them and she would hang around the locker room without a stitch on and be just as natural as could be. I had had conversations with her sitting on a bench across from me, her legs spread wide apart while her big firm breasts jiggle with her animated manner of speaking. She was a free spirited being and everyone liked her. Of course rumors were rampart around the campus that there was good reason why Sandy never kept a boyfriend for longer than a month.

She always seemed to have another one waiting in the wings. If the rumors and her quick-change boyfriends bothered her, Sandy gave no indication that this bothered her. Like I said- a free spirit. "What the hell did you do that for?" I demanded in my sternest head cheerleader tone.

She had me at a decided disadvantage and she was standing between the drying room, and me where my towel hung on a hook. While Sandy was quite comfortable with her nudity, I had a decidedly more modest nature. While I was not ashamed of my body, I could never be as comfortable having a conversation in the nude as Sandy could. "I just wanted to make sure I had your attention," Sandy replied still twirling her towel and trapping me in the shower.

"Okay, you have my attention. Let me dry off and we can talk." I said making a move to my towel. When I was sure that she wasn't going to snap me again, I sidled by her and got my towel off of the hook. I wrapped it around my naked body tucking it in above my breasts. Because of my height, the towel came to just below my sex but it offered some degree of cover-up. I grabbed another towel and started drying my hair. "Okay, Sandy. What's on your little oversexed mind?" She sat down on a bench next to me, putting one leg up on the bench so that she could make a big production out of drying between her toes while in effect giving me a gynecological view of her closely shaven pussy.

"You and Ron doing it yet," she asked in a matter-of-fact voice. "Sandy! That is really none of your business," I exclaimed with some indignity. "Well normally it wouldn't be but with the big game coming up I thought we should discuss what you can do to ensure that Ron is at the top of his game," she replied in a manner one would normally reserve for talking about a test taking strategy.

"I have no idea what you are getting at, Sandy. I don't tell Ron how to play football and he doesn't tell me how to lead cheers. And what does any of this have to do with Ron and me 'doing it'?" I asked trying to maintain eye contact with Sandy. "Well," began Sandy, "There are ways that a cheerleader can motivate a football player that aren't covered real well in cheer camp.


I am talking about promising to give him a little if he does well and we win the Big Game." Sandra had now finished drying her feet and was slipping into a little skirt sans panties. I had dressed with her often enough to know that she wouldn't be putting on panties later.

I guess she considered it a time saving mechanism given her lifestyle. "Sandra!" I exclaimed. "You don't really think I am going to offer up my body to Ron in exchange for a football win, do you?" For my part I put on virginal white panties that were rather high cut up the thigh but that was as vampish as I intended to get.

"I think you should at least make the promise. If you don't want to make good on it you can always send him over to me," she replied with an impish grin. "Of course that will be the last you will see of him." Sandy now was putting on a demi-bra and trying to stuff her big boobs into cups that were at least a size too small.

"We are not having this conversation," I told her in no uncertain terms.

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I am not going to lose my virginity to win a game for cripes sake!" I said as I put my own white lacey bra on and put the shoulder straps on. At least mine was the correct size for my bosom.

"Oh come on," Sandy whined. "All of the girls do it for the good of the team. Don't be the one to let us down. She slide into a tight v necked sweater with the result being that halve of her breast were framed in the opening. "No! That is it. That is final! Don't even talk to me about such things ever again." "Okay, Ice Queen. But if we lose this game let it be on your head or lack of giving same that it rests," Sandy replied slipping into shoes with three inch heels that completed her 'fuck me' look.

With that she left me and I left the dressing room alone. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Of course we lost the game.

Sandy let it be known that it was my 'lack of cooperation' that caused Ron dismal performance that night. Three fumbles! What a klutz he was in that game. And with Sandy spreading her rumors I became decidedly unpopular. Ron and I continued to date but he became much more demanding with the liberties he was taken and I was giving him more and more access to my charms trying to hold onto him.

That is how we ended up at Deacon Lake with half of my clothes off and me fighting to retain what little I had left of my modesty.

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And I reached a life altering decision and pushed Ron away and off of me at the same instant. "What?" he grumbled in a hoarse voice. "That's enough," I said in my most stern Mother voice that had worked in the past. "Robin, you give me a world class case of the blue balls and say that it's enough!

Well get a clue-it isn't enough!" he said angrily. I was busy rearranging my clothes and trying to get myself back together and all I could say was," That's enough. Take me home." Ron was as angry about our celibate condition as I had ever seen him. "Fuck you. Take yourself home." And reached across me and opened my door as though he wanted me to get out.

"Ron you can't leave me out here", I said amazed that he would even consider it. "Oh yes I can. Besides I am late for meeting up with Sandy and don't have time to take your frigid ass home." "Meeting with Sandy? Why are you meeting with Sandy at this hour?" I asked. This proposed meeting had taken my mind off of the prospect of my having to walk home. "For sex you dumb bitch! You know the stuff that you don't provide.

Snatch. The horizontal mambo. A piece of ass. The old in and out. Who the hell do you think has been keeping me sane after our make out sessions where you get me all revved up and then don't put out?

Sandy, that is who. Now get the hell out and let me go to a real woman." He had more anger in his voice then I had ever heard before. "How long has this been going on?" I demanded in my most outraged voice truly in shock from what he had just told me. "Since the end of the football season. Now get the hell out of my car." He pushed me and I almost fell out of my seat onto the road.


I couldn't believe what I had just heard and what he was doing to me. He continued to push me until I did ended up on the road.

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He started up the car and gunned it with the door open shooting dust all over me as he tore out of there leaving me dirty and stunned where I sat. The tears started before I could even get to my feet. It was a long walk home that night and I was tired and dirty when I finally got home. But my will had been steeled by the experience and I knew I had to get out of that town as soon as I could.

To be continued; Robin goes to the Big House

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