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Obszöne sexy lesbische Spiele
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Opening the door I realized that this weekend could be terrible. My aunt and uncle, along with their two sons, had asked me to stay with them in Vermont for a weekend of skiing.

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By family contracts, I had to say yes. It's not that I didn't like skiing or the house we were staying in, it was just that my cousins were protected by their parents a lot and as a result could barely stand by themselves. The oldest was 6 days younger than me, which most people find surprising because of the enormous gap in maturity. We were both 14 and he had a younger brother who was going to be 12 soon. Vacationing with my cousins halted my plans for the rest of February break.

Those plans mainly consisted of lying on the couch and watching tv. Masturbating would have to stop as well since my cousins followed me around like I was a god, giving me no time alone except when I slept. "Hey Miles!" Aunt Margret called from the stairs, "Good to see you! I bet you can't wait to go skiing this weekend!" "Ya, I guess so", replied an unenthusiastic 14 year old.

"Well come on up, the other cousins have already arrived" Ascending the stairs I wondered who she might be referring too.

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Other cousins? Were my other aunts children here too? Sitting at the counter in the kitchen were two beautiful girls who looked around my age. The younger one had strait brown hair and full breasts. Her legs looked strong and matched her nice butt whose cheeks were the perfect size.

Looking older but not quite as elegant as her sister, was the 15 year old. She had flaming red hair and breasts that seemed to bounce where ever she went. I could tell the younger one, she was 13, was checking me out too.

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I had been told before that I was attractive before. Mostly I think it was the shape of my body, not my face. Muscles came easily to me, though I wasn't incredibly strong. More importantly was the fact that I had almost zero fat on my body making what muscle I did have look more impressive. "Miles, these are Will and Peters other cousins from Connecticut" Margie told me, "This is Ursula…" she gestured toward the 13 year old, "And this is Augusta" gesturing toward the 15 year old.

"Now that you've finally arrived, we can all get ready to go skiing!" I went down to the room my cousins and I would be. We stayed in the basement since all of us knew the house well and had been vacationing in it our entire lives. Ursula and Augusta had never been in the house so they got the nice fancy guest room on the floor above us.

Starting to get changed I thought of how great it was that I got to stay in the same house for an entire weekend with two hot girls. They were upstairs naked right now getting on boots and hats. The thought gave me a boner, so I quickly changed into my snow pants and headed up stairs. The uncles packed the skis up and we were off. I didn't spend much time with the girls on the hill because they were off with their parents and I was off with my cousins.

Through the entirety of the day I kept thinking about Ursula and her sister. I wondered what they looked like taking showers. Normally obsessing over a girl I had just met this much wasn't my style, but the way she kept looking at me when we were in the house told me she wanted something as well.

Back at the house we had dinner. Ursula was seated across the table from me and all the kids were talking. She kept looking at me and I kept watching her. Ursula wanted some salt and pepper so she reached across the table to grab the two shakers in front of me.

Since the day had basically ended, she decided to relax and put on some more comfortable clothing. During the meal she was wearing a tank top and soccer shorts so when she leaned forward I saw right down Ursula's shirt. Her breasts were the perfect size and shape. I couldn't help but stare as the boobs jiggled a foot from my face.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Going down stairs I went into her room and found some used panties that had been thrown on the floor. I shoved them in my pants. The fear of being caught added more to the sexual thrill. Taking them out along with my dick, I put them in my pocket. Over on her dresser I found some makeup remover. It was perfect. Unscrewing the top I placed my dick over it and began to beat off until I came into her makeup. Next time she put this on her face, my cum would be there too.

I went back up to the table and finished dinner with everyone else. Afterwards we played some card games and I could not stop staring at Ursula's boobs. Everyone got exhausted from the long day on the mountain, so we went to our rooms at about 8 o'clock.

My cousins and I split up into separate sections of the room to change. I got the closet. Closing the door and turning around I saw a hole leading into the wall.

It had been there ever since my brother had run into the closet to get away from my dad who was hitting him with a pillow. Back when we were little, my cousins and I would crawl in there and move along the inside of the wall while making sounds so we could scare our parents.

Then I realized that if I just climbed up the inside of the wall then I would be in the wall of Ursula and Augusta's room. Not wanting to pass up a chance to see the girls half naked I went in.

I moved up the inside of the wall using the studs that were pinned to either side. As soon as I got up high enough I looked through a crack and saw Ursula lying on the bed. Her sister was in the bathroom taking a shower while Ursula was on her iphone checking facebook. I told myself to remember to friend her later. She turned her phone off and then stood up. She went over to get the makeup remover that I had cum in during dinner.

I saw her put it on and thought about how she didn't know that my semen was all over her face. Things got better though. Moving her hands down to her waist she grabbed her shirt and took it off. I took out my dick and started stroking. Her bra had a poka-dot pattern on it. The ones I had taken were stripped. Ursula's boobs were not as big as I thought they were but definitely large none the less. Off came the shorts. My dick got harder. Her panties had the same design as the bra and made her look incredibly sexy.

Just looking at her made me want to blow. She started to take her bra off. Unhooking the latch she let the underwear fall to the floor. Her nipples went perfectly with her tan skin. The way they stood erect in the cool night made them look so suckable.

Her hands cupped her breasts as she looked down and played with her nipples. I came close to blowing but tried to hold it off. I don't think it would have mattered because when I saw the panties fall to the ground, revealing tufts of hair around her pussy I would have gotten hard again anyways. One hand moved down her body and began to rub. She was masturbating!


I couldn't believe I was watching a sexy 13 year old girl rub herself. She moved onto the bed and stuck a finger inside of her. I could hear her moaning as she probed her insides. The girl was in heat and so was I. My dick blew out cum the splattered onto the ground below me. There was a creek on the door. Ursula's eyes flew open as she hurriedly threw the covers over herself. Augusta came out of the bathroom wearing nothing on her body.

"Geez Augusta! Put some clothes on!" "What! Who do you think is going to see me? The dresser?" "Just do it!" Augusta rolled her eye's and threw on a long shirt.


Her pubic hair was as red has her regular hair. It was very sexy. "Don't you get all high and mighty on me Ursula! Let's see what you have on" She marched over to the bed and threw the covers off. Ursula's finger was half way into her pussy and her face turned bright red. "So don't give me crap about how many clothes I have on when you're wearing none and fingering yourself you little pervert" Ursula rushed to pull up the covers.

"Now go to bed sicko" Augusta turned around and I could see her butt swinging back in forth as she walked away. Off came her shirt, revealing the beautiful breasts giving me a better look at her body entirely.

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Her shape was the classic hot girl, big boobs and small waist, breasts looking so suckable. Augusta's erect nipples really added to her look, making her seem horny and ready to go.

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Based on the way she dismissed her sister fingering made me think that she was accustomed to sex, and the way she held herself made it look as if enticing men was an occupation. She probably banged plenty of guys before and been felt up countless times. Ursula did not have that feel to her.

She seemed more innocent. I climbed down and changed into my dorm pants. Both my cousins were already asleep, so I got out my laptop and went on facebook.

Scrolling through the list of Ursula's on the search page I found one with a picture that looked like hers. She got my friend request and accepted. It seemed as though I was the only person online at the moment so we started talking as I looked through her pictures. "Hey" I said casually. "Hey" she answered, "Today was exhausting huh". "I guess so, was this your first time skiing?" "No…" Time passed slowly.

"You don't have many pictures on facebook" "How would you know that?" "I'm on your profile" "Why?" Her question baffled me. I couldn't think of an answer. No one had ever come straight out and said it.

Most girls just took these subtle hints and moved on, but Ursula wanted to get to the end of this road now. "Miles?" "Ya, I'm here" "Then answer my question" "I guess because we're talking and there's nothing else to do" "Nice try" "???" "Miles, do you like me?

You don't have to answer" Again another question I never expected to hear. I had to play it cool though. If I didn't answer that meant yes and I was afraid to admit it so I figured I might as well answer it.

"I guess so" "Well, I guess I like you too" If she was going to be blunt then so was I. "What about me?" "Well, you're muscular, you're cute, and you're funny. Why do you like me?" I figured I would try and be romantic "I guess it's because you're beautiful, smart, and have an amazing smile" Looked like it worked "You're super sweet. It's too bad I'm leaving tomorrow though.

We won't be able to spend a lot of time together" "There's still tonight" "I guess so, what do you want to do though?" "Come down to the basement and we can hang out" She seemed hesitant but wanted to spend time with me before she left. I closed my laptop and moved out of the room to the bottom of the stairs. I heard footsteps and saw the beam from a flash light. "Ursula?" "Ya, it's me" She had on a t-shirt and soccer shorts. "Umm… You're not wearing a shirt" she told me.

Oh my god! I forgot to put on a shirt! This was awkward, she probably thought I was trying to act all macho to impress her.

"Oh shit! Sorry, I can go put one on" "No, it's fine" she said.

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Her eye's drifted over my torso. We turned the lights on and sat down on the stairs and began to talk about our lives. There wasn't much light but I could see her hand moving towards mine. I moved my hand over onto hers. She didn't object, so I started to get eager for more. After seeing her nude I knew I had to have her.

Slowly, my arm began to lift up and I put it around her waist and still no objection. I moved up to her head to do the classic brush the hair away technique. My hand touched her check and moved to the back of her head as I leaned in for a kiss.

She did the same. Our mouths met and I could feel her tongue against mine. She started to pull my pants off so I put my hand on her boob. The feeling was amazing. It was like touching a cloud from heaven. Pushing my luck, I slipped the hand up her shirt and under her bra. She was startled but kept on making out. My fingers felt over her nipples. They were hard and I knew I had to see them up close. I took her shirt off and saw the pearls god had given her.

She wanted to keep going, though, because as soon as the pants came off she started on the boxers. I was so hard that the boxers were actually making my dick hurt. Not wanting her to have all the fun I shoved my hand into her pants and under her panties. Sticking my finger in her caused her to stop and moan so I moved it back and forth. I was naked so she took her clothes off and let me stare at her body.

Ursula got on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. It felt so good. I came before she could even really start blowing. Drinking my cum, she kept going, making my dick go in and out of her head. Using her tongue she went around and around, pressing my every pleasure button and making cum again in less than five minutes. This time she took her mouth off and gargled it before swallowing. This turned me on so much that I told her to lie down as I put my mouth to her pussy and began to lick.

She started moaning as I sucked her clit. I kept licking faster and faster until I was afraid her moaning would wake someone up. "I'm cumming!" she screamed A fountain of liquid began to squirt out of her clit.

I clamped my mouth down on it and continued to lick while sucking up the juice she was pouring out. When the squirting was over, she was breathing heavily, but seemed to want to keep going. I got pushed onto my back as she mounted me. Could this be happening? Could I really be about to lose my virginity?

Ursula grabbed my dick and stood it up. She started to sit down on it. She began moaning again. So did I. Her cunt was so tight that I couldn't help it. Slowly she moved up and down continuing to moan, faster and faster until I shot the rest of my load into her pussy. She screamed with ecstasy and then fell over onto my chest unconscious. Life had just gotten amazing. I was so overwhelmed that I guess I passed out as well, or fell asleep from all the sex.

I woke up in a nice way. Ursula was at my waist stroking my dick and licking the top of it. When she saw that I was up, she started sucking like she did last night. It didn't take long for me to cum, and when I did Ursula took her mouth off and let me cum on her face and tits. "I figured I owed you for last night" she said, "You made me so happy".

"No problem" "I should get back to bed before my sister wakes up" "Well, I should too" She went back up stairs and I watched her ass swing back and forth up the stairs knowing I would never get anything like that again.