Pyrah Lee vs HUGE cock

Pyrah Lee vs HUGE cock
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I was the youngest boy from a large family. We lived in a converted horse barn outside of town. The upstairs was one big room, at one time eight kids slept there. We had partitions and curtains put up but we couldn't close the rooms off because we had two wood burning stoves up there.

When I was twelve years old, the only kids left at the house was me and my sister Hanna. She was a year older than me and more mature by five. Our father pasted away when we were little and my mothers idea of fairness was for the boys to do all the work. So it was my job to make sure all the stoves stayed burning all night.

I would load the stoves up before bed and then get up during the night to check and refill.

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One really cold night I got up to check the fires, when I checked the one on Hanna's side of the room I heard a muffle cry, almost like a sigh.

Because the stove door was open I could see Hanna in her bed, she was on her side with her head buried into her pillow. I walked over to see if she was okay and I noticed movement undeer the sheets.


I tapped her shoulder and started to ask if she was alright, she jumped and sat up in bed so fast that she didn't grab the blanket to cover herself up with.

I knew she was starting to develop into a woman, but I was surprised just how fast it was. Her breasts were apple sized and the nipples a nice dark brown against her white skin. she started to yell at me than she got real quiet, she said that she wouldn't tell mom about me spying on her but I would have to help her with a few things. I knew our mom would only listen to what ever story Hanna came up with (past experience), so I told her I would do what I could.

The coldness of the room were making her nipples hard and seeing them made me start getting hard. She had me finish stoking the fire then told me to get into bed with her. As I slid under the blankets I felt her skin, soft as anything I had ever felt.

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She rolled onto her side facing me. She told me that what she was doing was natural but she had to hide it because mom didn't want her knocked up at fifteen like two of our sisters. I said that I hadn't seen what she was doing the blankets were in the way. She told me to get undressed and we would find out what she had been doing. I threw my pj's onto the floorand rolled to face her again. she asked me if I knew what a woman looked like and I told her about some of the magazines I had seen.

She said I would learn and the first lesson was boobs. She had me rub on them and play with the nipples, after a bit she told me to suck on them. Ibent down and sucke on into my mouth, she told me how to suck and play with them and pretty soon she was breathing funny. As i played with herboobs she threw one leg over my leg and moved down so her pussy was on my leg.

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I was harder than I had ever been in my life and I told her so. She then had me roll onto my back.


She rolled over and straddled my chest. I was a good learner and it was time for the next lesson. She took my hand and put in between her legs, she was wet and I thought she had peed, she slapped me and said I would understand later. I moved my hand like she told me to and felt the lips part for my fingers to enter. She then moved my hand up to a spot that she said made her happy.

Before long this part was coming out of it hiding place. Hanna started moving against my hand and laid down on me. I took the nipple closest to me and sucked it into my mouth.

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She suddenly sat up and said I was ready for the next part. At this point I told her my dick was rock hard and my balls were ready to let loose. She took my hand out and moved up my chest until her pussy was in my face. She told me to lick her and pretend my tongue was a fingerand move it like the finger.

At first I wasn't sure about the taste of it, but once I got a good taste I couldn't stop. I waas able to find the little man again and I sucked it up into my mouth as far as I could.

Hanna started moving and rubbing her pussy all over my face.


Without any warning my mouth was filled with her come and she she kept coming, After she had calmed down a bit she lay down on the bed and showed me what she was using before. I had never seen a dildo before and she showed me how she used it. I told her to throw it away, because she could use me from now on. I started to rub her again and she reached down and grabbed my dick with what felt like a death grip. She said that she was going to show me everything. The grip loosened and she bent down and blew her warm breath onto my dick.

She started stroking me very slowly, but at this point I had no control. I came in buckets. I got it on her face, boobs,and stomach. She gripped me again tight enough that I just about fainted. Hanna looked at me and said that was now going to learn perversion. She made me lick my come off of her,starting at her stomach and working my way up, I licked her as clean as possible.

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from the stomach I went to the neck and face, even sucking it out of her hair. I started cleaning the titsand by this time my mouth was tired but I enjoyed it to much to stop.

Hanna started to get hot again and I reached down and played with her pussy again. She pulled away and asked if I could control myself from coming for a little while. I told her I probably could, she then had me on my back again and she sat on my face as she was facing my feet.

I started licking and sucking and doing all I could to make her come. Without warning she bent down and took my dick into her mouth. It was the most sensual thing I have ever felt. She took all of it so that I felt her breath on the base of my dick. I got harder, she sucked harder and I was going to come again I moved my hips in and out. I sucked on her and put my tongue in as far as I could.

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Soon, she was rubbing her pussy across my face and I tasted her again as she cameinto my mouth. She tasted some pre-come and used her death grip on it again.

She told me to wait and let her get ready. She put a pillow under my butt and stroked me softly while blowing onto my dick again. I was getting ready to come and she slid her dildo into my ass and pushed and pulled it into me with all her strength. I cried out but she sat on my face so I yelled into her pussy.

She said that it was perversion number two. I came again much harder than the first time. Hanna waited til I was almost done coming then she took me into her mouth again and cleaned me til I was soft. She told me to get back on my side of thew room before mom got up.

She said that I had more to do so she wouldn't tell mom I was spying on her. I was happy to try.