Naughty CFNM chicks picking up guys to fuck

Naughty CFNM chicks picking up guys to fuck
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My friend Peter was always the lucky one when it came to women. It seemed whenever we went out, he would never go home empty handed. I on the other hand am well built and reasonably handsome but quite shy. Peter often teased me about my pulling power and often mentioned that I must spend most of my time pulling my dick rather than women.

This however did not stop us from being the very best of friends. The summer holidays were due and we decided to do something out of the ordinary rather than our usual pussy hunting at a beach resort in the tropics.

We found some ideas on the web and decided on a farming holiday just outside of California. To be honest, after booking it we were reflecting on the choice and almost cancelled. Finally the day came and we dove the 600 km to the farm. We were greeted by the farmer's wife who took us to our rooms which to our surprise were as luxurious as you can get.

TV, fridge, Jacuzzi, mini bar you name it, it had it. We showered and strolled around the farm buildings and found a small but cosy bar area and sat down for a drink.

The only other table was occupied by a family of four middle aged couple with a teenage son and daughter probably around 17 or so. They were friendly and we soon all relaxed and chatted together. The couple was Dave & Sally. Dave was a clean cut sensible type but with a good sense of humor whilst Sally was more outgoing and the conversationalist. The kids were playful but generally did not join in the conversation.

We finished our drinks off and returned to our room for a sleep after the long drive. Come early evening we were famished and returned to the bar to get some food. The farmer served us some home made grub which was most welcome. We washed it down with a couple of beers and chatted.

A little later the family came in and ordered a bottle of wine which we all shared. We returned the hospitality and bought another.


By this time we were all a little merry. The farmer bid us good night and told us to help ourselves to another bottle if we needed it and clear the bill in the morning. By the third bottle Sally & I along with the kids were quite pissed, far more than Peter & Dave. With the wine all gone, Peter invited us back to their room for a night cap. We gladly accepted and made our way over. Their family sized room was huge.

In the center was a Jacuzzi which more resembled a swimming pool. The kids Dan & Sue brought over some Black Sambuka and an ice bucket and we all got stuck in.

The air con was not that good and soon we were all sweating. Dave suggested that we all have a Jacuzzi and cool down. As soon as he had said it, Sue stripped off her T shirt and shorts down to her white lacy panties and matching bra and splashed down in the Jacuzzi.

She was shortly followed by her mother who was just as shapely and wearing the thinnest of G stings and a push up bra. Dave told us to join them whilst he went for a pee.

Peter was down to his jocks in a second and sat beside Sally. I was as usual a little slower and finally plunked myself down in the corner next to Dan who was suffering from a fit of the giggles. Dave returned totally naked and sat down in the Jacuzzi next to Sue.

Sally asked Sue to reach over and get the Sambuka. She bent over and the most beautiful panty clad ass was there for all to see. She lingered as she groped for the bottle almost intentionally. Dave stared, we all stared and Dave finally said how beautiful it looked.

Everyone was totally silent.


Sally broke the silence and said how sexy she felt being in a tub with four handsome males whilst washing the sweat off her bosom. Sue mentioned that it was quite normal for her parents to tease people with her sexual antics. Dave leaned forward and kissed his wife passionately on the lips.

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Sue meanwhile moved over and sat next to her mother and took a sponge and washed off her breasts. My dick was like blue steel and I knew from the expression on Peter's face that he was more than enjoying the show.

Sue pulled her mother's bra to one side and called her brother over. He bent down and started to suck on his mother's small brown nipple. Sally leant her head back and moaned loudly. Sue pulled the other nipple clear of her bra and started to suck her nipple. So there I was in a tub with a mother having her nipples sucked by her 2 teenage kids whilst her husband and my best friend watched. Dave sat up on the edge of the tub with one of the biggest semi hard dicks I have ever seen.


He called his daughter over and without any instruction she went down and started sucking her father's dick just like it was an ice cream. She cupped his balls and licked them as he groaned away in ecstasy. I looked across at Peter who from the position and motions of his arm was playing with himself. Dan was still feasting himself on his mother's tits and now had his hand under the water obviously playing with her pussy.

Sally's moans were more vocal now and she suddenly pulled herself up and sat on the side of the tub next to her husband who was still getting eaten by his daughter. Sally pulled her panties to one side and begged one of us to eat her.

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Peter quickly looked at her husband who gave him the nod then threw himself between her legs and licked her out. Sally went wild and clamped his head and shouted terrible obscenities as she shot her load into Peter's mouth.

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Dan was now transfixed on his sister sucking her father off and was playing with his dick. He waded over to his sister and slowly pulled her wet panties down and slowly pushed himself inside her. He was obviously no virgin and fucked like a pro as she continued sucking her father.

Dan could not last long though and blew his load in his sister's pussy at the same time as his father filled her mouth. Sue clasped her mouth around her father's cock then slowly pulled her mouth off not wasting a drop. She went over to her mother and dribbled all the cum into her mouth. Sally drank it all down whilst having another intense orgasm from the licking Peter was giving her.

I decided it was my turn so I went over to Sally and offered her my cock to suck which she gladly accepted. She had the best mouth I have ever known too good infact as I blew my load in under a minute. She kept my still hard cock in her mouth the pulled back closing her lips.

She turned to her daughter and dribbled the whole lot in to her mouth. They then kissed with their tongues showing eagerly sucking the cum back and fro from their mouths.

Sally then told me to lie down on the edge of the tub with my mouth open. She then merely motioned to Sue who came over and sat just above my mouth and let her brother's cum trickle out.

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She even used her fingers to feed me the last few drops. At Peter's suggestion, we all dried off and laid around on the sofas. He was now dying for release. Sally obliged and started sucking him off. She kept his orgasm at bay and ushered Sue over who licked his balls and ass. Sue even got her tongue at least an inch inside his ass. Sally then swopped with her daughter and soon Sue was sucking Peter like crazy whilst her mother had two fingers up his ass.

Peter was being ass fucked by a mother whilst the daughter sucked him. He could hold no more and came violently filling Sue's mouth. Sue carefully made sure there was not a drop left and to my surprise went over to Dan and kissed and shared Peter's cum. By this time, I was as hard as a rock again.

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Sally was now on all fours while her husband was pushing his fingers in and out of her ass. With each insertion, he would offer his fingers to his daughter to lick clean and lubricate.

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This went on for a while until Dave removed his fingers and Sue lowered her head down to her mother's ass and licked and sucked on her ass. Dave called me over and told me to fuck his wife's ass.

Well how could I say no? I slowly pushed my cock in and started to fuck her. It was tight but moist from the daughter's licking and felt fantastic.

I soon got into a good rhythm and fucked her harder as she pushed back. I looked back as I could feel a hand on my ass. Dave had moved around behind me and was pushing me into his wife. Peter by now was kneeling in front of sally having his cock sucked.

I could hold no more and blew the biggest load ever into Sally's ass. I pumped and pumped in a frenzy until I collapsed. Within seconds, Dan was under his mother and eating out all my cum from her ass which was only punctuated by a few ass cum farts. They were defiantly a family of cum shares as Dan quickly went over to his father and shared my cum. We were all quite fucked and relaxed a while.

Sue was rubbing her slender body and put her cum stained little panties back on. She went to get up but her brother tripped her up playfully. She fell down on top of her father who maneuvered her around so that her panty clad ass was facing all of us. He pulled her gusset aside and slid a finger into her pussy and then into her little ass.

He did this several timed then called Peter over. Dave actually took hold of Peter's dick and pushed it into his daughter's ass. Strangely it went in with ease and Sue was obviously enjoying it. Peter pumped her hard whilst holding on to her hips. Dan came over and started wanking himself off standing over his sister. Sally was playing with herself whilst I looked on. Peter kept his load for ages, far longer than Dan who blew his after a couple of minutes.

He finally began to come and blew a load deep in the tiny ass filling her up. Dave laid down and pulled his daughter over and positioned her ass right over his mouth. The brown stained cum flowed out and he managed to keep all of it in his mouth before sharing it with his wife.

Needless to say we did'nt get much farming done but we defiantly ploughed the fields.