Calata levanta Chico Calato y se la chupa

Calata levanta Chico Calato y se la chupa
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Mark and Mary Eat at Subway Note: This takes place in Chapter 17 while Mark and Mary have lunch after recruiting Willow.

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After Mary's OB/GYN appointment with Dr. Willow WolfTail, and our subsequent fucking of said doctor, we were both hungry. I had parked on Division around the corner from the clinic and started driving down the hill when we saw a Subway restaurant on the corner of Division and I street. "Subway's fine," Mary said. My stomach growled loudly, so I turned onto I street and parked on the street across from the Subway. We got out and crossed the street and entered the Subway.

Inside, it was like every Subway in the world. Behind the counter, there were two Subway employees in the green polos and khaki pants. A couple was ordering some sandwiches. The wife was gorgeous, black haired with a Mediterranean, olive complexion. Her husband had the broad-faced of an Eastern European.

"Hi," the wife said as Mary stood next to her. The wife's eyes roamed across Mary's body, and I could see desire kindling in her eyes. "I'm CeeCee." "Mary." The ladies shook hands and Mary stroked her fingers.

"I love this dress," CeeCee praised. "It look so amazing on you." CeeCee reached out and ran a finger down Mary's chest, tracing the neckline.

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"What can I make for you," the bored subway worker asked us. "Meatball sub, six inch," Mary ordered, placing a hand on CeeCee's hip. "Teriyaki chicken," I ordered.

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"A footlong. And ignore what's going on over here." "Yes, sir," the worker said. "I love this fabric," CeeCee murmured, rubbing Mary's breast though her top. Mary's nipple pressed hard against the fabric, and CeeCee began tracing the hard nub with a finger.

CeeCee's husband, who was paying for their sandwiches, glanced over and gaped, seeing his wife groping another woman. "What are you doing, CeeCee," he gasped in a thick, Eastern European accent. "Oh, just feeling the fabric of her dress," CeeCee said, flushing and pulling her hand away.

"It just felt so amazing on my fingers." Mary caught it and placed it back on her breast and then leaned in and kissed CeeCee on the lips.


Her husband sputtered in shock and rage. "Don't interfere," I ordered. "Just watch." I glanced at the two subway workers, one was a whip-thin teenage boy, and the other was a pretty, young woman with short, black hair and large lips. Her nametag read, "Anna." I motioned to her, and ordered, "Anna, come here and suck my cock." "Okay," she answered, blinking her brown eyes in surprise as she walked out from behind the counter. She knelt down before me, unzipped my pants and fished out my cock and shoved it into her mouth.

Her tongue swirled around my cock's head as she sucked lightly. "What kinda of cheese would you like?" the worker asked. "Eh, pepperjack on both," I gasped as Anna's mouth sucked amazingly at my cock. "Toasted?" the worker asked.

"Yeah," I muttered, not really caring. CeeCee was tongue wrestling with Mary, her hand slipping down Mary's bodice to cup her tit.

Mary's hands were busy at the fly to CeeCee's blue jeans. Mary's deft fingers got her pants open and Mary's hand snaked in, pushing under CeeCee's panties.

Her body jumped as Mary penetrated her cunt with a finger or two. "You're so wet for me," Mary whispered in her ear. "You're going to be my little lesbian slut, aren't you?" "Oh, yes, make me your lesbian slut," CeeCee moaned, her face red with lust.

"Your husband's going to watch his pretty little wife moan like the lesbian whore she is," Mary hissed. Her tongue licked the side of CeeCee's face. "Have you ever eaten pussy, slut?" "No," CeeCee gasped. "Never!" "Once you've cum on my finger's your going to get your first taste of cunt," "Oh, I can't wait!" she panted. "I bet you taste wonderful." "What's gotten into you, CeeCee?" her husband asked, his face flushed. "Look at that, your husband has a little hard-on.

Does watching your wife panting like a bitch for me get you hard?" Mary taunted.

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"Does it excite you to see how eager she is for her first taste of pussy?" "Answer her," I barked at the man. Anna was bobbing her head furiously and it wasn't going to be long before her greedy mouth made me cum. Fuck, Mary was putting on a hot show. "Yes," a strangled answer came from CeeCee's husband. "Watch me cum, Danko," CeeCee cooed. "Oh, I'm so close. Her finger's feel so amazing up inside my pussy. She know just how to touch me! Yes, right there, yes!

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Keep doing that! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Here I come!" CeeCee bucked in Mary's arms as her orgasm rolled over her. Mary smiled exultantly as the slut came on her fingers.

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My balls tightened and I felt my orgasm approaching. I pulled out of Anna's mouth and shot my load across her face and hair, sticky cum dripping down onto her uniform.

She was a positive mess. "Time to taste some pussy," Mary moaned and pulled off her panties. CeeCee fell to her knees and her head disappeared beneath Mary's skirt. Mary leaned against the counter and sneezeguard as she enjoyed CeeCee's mouth sucking on her cunt. "Danko, your wife is a natural cunt eater." "What vegetables do you want?" the worker asked when the subs were toasted.

"Mine's fine the way it is," Mary gasped as CeeCee devoured her cunt. I pulled Anna up to her feet and shoved her roughly against the sneezeguard next to Mary, her ass facing me. I squeezed her ass through her tight, khaki pants, feeling her firm cheeks. "Lettuce, green peppers, and onions," I said as I reached around and unbuckled Anna's pants and pulled them and her white panties down off her butt. Her ass was firm and round and white as snow.

I slapped it and Anna gasped, then she moaned in pain as my cock plunged up her asshole. "Oh, fuck her ass, Mark," Mary cooed and then bent over and kissed Anna's cum-stained lips. "Fuck her hard, stallion." I didn't need to be told twice and started pounding away at the Subway slut's ass. Her moans of pain started to be gasps of pleasure and her hips began rocking in rhythm to her ass fucking. One of her hands was beneath her legs, diddling her clit as I enjoyed the tight warmth of her ass.

Her ass felt so amazing on my cock as I plunged in and out, a velvety sheath that squeezed my cock so pleasurably.


Every time I bottomed out in her cunt, she let out a gasp and then moaned as I pulled my cock back to thrust it in hard all over again. "Oh, this slut is eating my cunt so well," Mary panted. "Oh, Danko, you should be so proud of your wife.

She's going to want pussy, now. Once a women gets a taste of cunt, they'll always crave it. I bet if you're a good little husband she'd even share some of the pussy she's going to gets with you." "Oh, I would love that," CeeCee purred from beneath Mary's skirt.

"I could eat her cunt and you could fuck my snatch!" "I'll be the best husband," Danko panted, rubbing his bulge, "if you'll bring other women to our bed." "Fuck my ass!" Anna was chanting as I plumped her bowels.

"Fuck me! Fuck my naughty ass!" "Ohh yes, CeeCee, keep sucking my clit! Oh yes, oh yes! You fucking lesbian slut, I'm going to flood your face with my tasty girl-cum! Yes, yes, keep doing that!" "I can't believe how good this feels!" Anna panted. "I never knew ass fucking was this amazing! Fuck, I'm gonna cum with a dick up my ass! Jesus Christ this feel so good!" Anna's velvety ass clenched delightfully hard on my cock as she came.

I fucked into her asshole a few more times then groaned and shot a few good loads of spunk up her bowels.

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Mary was howling like a banshee as her orgasm approached, her auburn hair swaying wildly as she tossed her head about. Then her body went rigid for a second and several convulsions wracked her body as she came.

Mary paid for the subs while I made Anna lick my cock clean of her ass. CeeCee and Danko disappeared into the bathroom and their moans echoed through the Subway as Mary and I enjoyed our sandwiches. Anna went back to work, her face stained with my drying cum, the seat of her pants slowly growing wetter as my cum leaked out of her ass.

As customers walked in, they all would give her the strangest looks, but no one would say anything to her. "What a nasty slut," a woman whispered to her friend as they walked out of the store. "God, I'd love to cream her face," a guy joked to his buddy. "Why would she want your small dick when she could have my hard, twelve inches," the guys buddy retorted.

"Twelve centimeters, maybe." Anna's face was red with humiliation and I could see tears gathering in her eyes as the customer comments shammed her.

My dick was growing hard as she wiped away a tear, struggling to cut a sandwich. I stood up and walked behind the counter. "Take your shirt off, Anna," I ordered. She pulled the polo off, exposing a red bra cupping a nice pair of breasts. I drew my cock out.

"Jerk me off onto those titties, slut." She spat in her palm and hand soft hand started to stroked my cock, pumping quickly. I was so aroused that it only took four pumps of her fist before I was spewing my ropey semen on her tits and bra. It ran in gooey lines down onto her stomach, towards her pants. "You're going to work the rest of your shift with no shirt on," I told her.

"Let everyone see just how much of a slut you are. If any guy wants to add to the cum, charge him ten bucks. For twenty, they can fuck your cunt." "Yes, sir," Anna said, standing up. I glanced at the other worker, "Don't interfere with her side job." He grinned. "Wouldn't dream of it, sir.

Got a twenty in my wallet for her." Another customer walked in and gaped at the girl. "Jesus Christ," he muttered.

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"What kinda whore are you? 'Cause I got a big load in my pants for you, dearie." A tear ran down Anna's head. "Ten dollars, if you want to cum on me," she said in shame. The guy hooted with laughter. I slipped my arm around Mary who just shook her head in amusement at the crying girl and the guy walking behind the counter to with a ten clutched in his fist. Together, we walked out of Subway and into the sunny noon day.