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Shavedpussy mature orally pleasured by teen
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7 SETTING THE WEDDING "Rachel, we need to work on the details of our wedding." "Well, do you want a naturist wedding?" "That would exclude my family. That's not going to work out. What month do you want to get married?" "That will depend on where we want the reception. Some places are booked more than a year in advance." Sean sulks at the thought, "I don't want to wait that long.

I feel married already." "Me too! How about Labor Day Weekend?" "Yeah, that's good for out of state relatives. We'll just find whatever reception hall we can get--check out Hotel del Coronado and Balboa Park first." "Keep dreaming! My family's not made out of money." "We can pay for it between your house and my business.

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You never would have had your home if is wasn't for your parents so they already contributed." "Are we having a church wedding? Will we ask your dad to marry us?" "No.


No." Rachel laughs, "That was simple. I agree. How about we ask Sonya's pastor?" "I'm not to keen on him either, but I don't have an alternative." "I have a girlfriend that just got ordained." "Sounds good to me.

I want Jeff as my best man, with my brother and Fred as ushers." Delighted, "Wow! I didn't think of Jeff as best man. I just figured he's to old to be ring bearer." "Yeah, that would be an insult to him. Have you picked the ladies." "I had my best girlfriend in mind and my sister." Thinking out loud, "Maybe I should ask Maria--then Jeff can walk down the aisle with her." "Brilliant thought! I'm so excited!

And your brother has a band--do you want to ask them?" "Yeah, thanks for thinking of him." "Guestimate a count of guest so I know what hall to book.

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Do you want to do most of the other stuff, the planning?" "Yeah, thanks. Oh, my brother could be the soloist too.

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He does a super up-beat "Our Father." 8 BEST GUEST Sean goes to answer the door. "Hello Fred! Good to see you." "Hi Sean, I'm feeling out of control again." "You look a lot better than your first visit here. I'm glad you have been seeing me regularly. Come in, have a seat." As they were talking, Jeff started heading for his room from the pool. When he sees Fred there, he darts over, "Hi Mr.

Weber!" "Jeff, you're naked!" Sean shows his approval, "Yeah, he loves skinny dipping." "I can't take it. I'm going crazy!" "Fred, remember to take your impulses for what they are, nothing more." Standing face to face, Jeff assures, "It's OK, Mr.

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Weber." Shuddering, full of remorse, "No it's not. I looked at you!" Jeff acknowledges, "I know. Remember, it's OK to look. But try doing something and you're dead meat." Overwhelmed with his urges, "I can't look again!

My eyes are burning!" Calmly Sean requests, "Please look again. Stop any sex object thoughts. Think about the wonderful boy Jeff is." After a moment, Fred moves his eyes down Jeff's body. When reaching his genitalia, he quickly turns away, ashamed.

"Good Fred. Now look at Jeff's joy again, without fear." After a longer moment, Fred turns his head. After making eye contact with Jeff, he slowly eyes Jeff's entire body. Then suddenly he breaks down crying uncontrollably. Jeff quickly gives him a hug. Fred's body quivers, but then he puts his hands on Jeff's shoulders as he continues crying, seemingly without end.


He barely manages to say, "Jeff, you're amazing!" After several minutes of silence, Fred calmly looks Jeff in the eyes, "I'm OK. Thank you." Jeff pats Fred on the back. "You're very welcome!" As he leaves for his room, Sean stops him, "Jeff, I need to ask you something.

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Have you ever gone to a wedding?" Perplexed by the irrelevant question, "Yeah, once." "Good, I need to ask someone to be my best man." Even more bewildered, "You want my suggestions?" Smiling cheek to cheek, "No, I want you!" "What???

Me!? Best Man!!! Yes!!!" Jeff jumps onto Sean's lap, giving him a bear hug. "That's super cool! Now I'm crying!" As Sean holds Jeff in his arms, "Fred, I need ushers." "No. No. No.


You can find someone better than me." "No, I can't. You're my first choice." Fred starts crying again. When he stops, "I accept and feel very honored!" Sean smiles, "Me too!" Giving Jeff one more huge hug, "OK Jeff. Let me talk privately with Fred again." "Sure thing." So Jeff prances upstairs.

Fred takes a deep breathe, "He has a precious backpack too." "Yes, a beautiful butt. I'm happy you can say that without allowing sexual thoughts." "Yeah, but my dick was jumping." "No 'buts'!

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Just accept the things you cannot change." "Thanks, Sean. It amazes me how Jeff can run around the house naked in perfect innocence! . Did Fred swim naked when he was here?" "No, no one was naked." Fred surprises Sean, "If my son wants to, he has my permission." "OK, wow. I'll let Jeff work it out. He'll know how to handle that." "I don't doubt it!"