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Spicy milf cherry kid dominating her man
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Chapter 1 Adam stared out of the large waiting room window. His eyes watching a woman talk with a horse in the pasture about 10 yards away.


She was running her hand up and down his large head, smiling at him, not feeding him anything. Adam found it odd. Of the few farm animals he had seen, they were constantly eating something; hay, carrots, grass and so on.

He was shaken from his observations when Dr. Fong entered the room, greeting him enthusiastically. "Adam! Thank you so much for joining us today!" Shaking the hand of the middle-aged man of Asian descent, 20-year-old Adam smiled politely in return. Dr. Fong was joined by his assistant, Denise, a short brunette. Adam had never seen a pure Caucasian woman before. Most of the 100 million inhabitants on Earth were Asian mixed with other races, Adam included.

He never knew his parents. The only memories of his mother were brief images of a tall, blonde woman, with bright blue eyes. His short black hair, blue eyes, light Asian features, was evident of his ethic mixture. "Please sit, we have so much to talk about. Again, I'm very excited you agreed to this! We are going to have so much fun," the overjoyed scientist explained. "My pleasure; I got a day off of work and get to spend it here at corporate headquarters," Adam smiled.

"You find your work boring?" Dr. Fong asked. "Somewhat, yes. It's general maintenance work. I also repair damaged weather modifiers," Adam explained. "Amazing," Dr. Fong replied, confusing Adam. He didn't consider his mundane job amazing at all. It's all he's known. With very few memories from his younger years, no family, or close friends, Adam was put in this maintenance role as if he's always been doing it never questioning, never wondering about his past. "Anyway, let us begin. Denise will take notes.

I'm assuming you know why you are here?" Dr. Fong asked. "Yes, you want me to help you all design, um, someone for me to, well, be with?" Adam nervously answered.

"Yes!" Dr. Fong replied, smiling widely. "You don't have to be nervous by the way. Based on your imagination, we will build you someone to spend your life with. Again, your imagination is the limit. We can, and will, build you anything." "Anything?" Dr. Fong nodded in the direction of the pasture with the woman and horse in it, "We built him." "You built a horse for her?" Dr. Fong, smiling, almost giggling, stood from his seat, walking quickly to the large window, banging on it, waving at the woman and the horse.

"Hello!" the woman waved in return. "Hi Dr. Fong!" the horse yelled back in a normal sounding male's voice. Adam's mouth dropped, "You mean the horse is a robot?" "Yes!" Dr. Fong said, sitting back down, always smiling. "So that's why it isn't eating. It doesn't need to," Adam said. "HE doesn't need to. You're correct, no need to eat food," Dr.

Fong said. "He looks real doesn't he? He doesn't smell real, which I suppose is a good thing! She takes him to the pasture there and rides him around sometimes. It's all very sweet. But let's talk about you and want you want." "Alright," Adam said, glancing at Dr. Fong's assistant, Dense. Adam noticed she didn't have anything to write on, or tablet devices to transcribe their words into a document.

He thought that was odd as well, since Dr. Fong said she was going to be taking notes. "I want you to focus. I want you to use your imagination. And I want you to relax. There is nothing we can't build no matter how unusual some may think it is.

She can be anything you want her to be. The important thing is simply using your imagination," Dr. Fong said. Adam nodded, "Ok, well, where do we begin?" "Yes! Firstly, is what do you want?" "Well, I would want something human-like, but not a human. And, uh, maybe tall too. And, um, perhaps, she could be a she, you know, curvy and um," Adam was rambling.

"Ok, ok, slow down a bit. Just relax," Dr. Fong said. "What you're doing for us is wonderful. I just want you to take a deep breath and let your thoughts flow. Alright?" Adam nodded, doing as he was told, pausing a moment before speaking again, "A humanoid shaped android. Specifically, female shaped.

The body would be athletic in appearance, flat stomach, muscular, but certainly keeping an hour glass figure. The breasts would be large," Adam paused, glancing at the busty brunette, Denise, who remained silent, smiling softly at him.

"She would be tall too. Six feet tall, my height," Adam added. "Wonderful! Keep going," Dr. Fong said. "Um, I like long hair, maybe down to her lower back. But, like I said, I don't want her to look human," Adam added. "We'll get to that in a moment. This is all very basic information first," Dr. Fong said. "You said she was taking notes?" Adam asked, glancing at Denise, still sitting with a permanent smile on her face.

"She is! Now then, athletic, tall, six feet, long hair, female human curves, what about other general descriptions? What about her ass Adam?" Dr. Fong winked. "Oh um, well, yeah, she'd have one. It would be nice, you know? Somewhat shapely and muscular," Adam explained. "Wonderful!" Dr. Fong patted Adam's knee. "Remember to relax, we're all adults here. Now then, you said you didn't want her to look human.

Can you elaborate? Start simple. Her hair, what color? What color eyes and skin, things like that. There is no wrong answer, everything you could come up with his perfect in our eyes." "Right. Well, um," Adam cleared his throat. "I was thinking green. Well, not green, but maybe like a blue-green combination. But her entire hair wouldn't be all of that color. I, um, I," Adam stammered. "Hey, it's ok," Dr.

Fong said. "Just take it slow." Adam paused another moment, before gathering his thoughts. "Teal. Her hair would start off teal, and gradually turn white. Just above the small of her back, it'd be white. I'd want it to be of a different texture too.

Like very thin optic wiring or something. She would be hairless everywhere else, except for thin, teal color eyebrows. Her eyes would be slightly larger than a human's. Their color would be teal and black." "Yes!" Dr. Fong nodded. "I want her skin to be solid black in color.

It wouldn't be metallic or shiny, but almost leathery, maybe even slightly like rubber. It wouldn't feel like ours," Adam said running an index finger over his forearm. "I would want it to appear as though she were wearing a skin-tight suit of light armor. Perhaps where her ribs would be, there could be a plated or different pattern to the skin. A similar pattern could be on her thighs and the sides of her legs.

Maybe this pattern could be outlined by some sort of teal lights, to give the plates prominence, and to take away human features." "Yes! I love it. So around the bottom of her ribs, below her large breasts, going down the sides of her stomach, her thighs, and perhaps even the sides of her back, next to her spine would be this outline of lights, giving her a robotic appearance?" Dr.

Fong confirmed. "That's it, yes," Adam answered. "What about her voice? "Not too deep for a woman, but not nasally or high pitched. I would definitely want it to sound robot-like. That horse out there sounded like a regular man. I don't want that." Adam answered. "Great, great. What about other sounds? We can completely hide mechanical sounds such as whirring, or light machinery sounds when she moves in a certain way.

We can also mask any sort of computer processing sounds she may emit." "Keep those. I like that idea of robotic sounds when she sits or walks. Nothing too loud or noticeable, but something barely there to remind me she's not a human in a suit," Adam explained. "Yes, perfect, this is great. Anything else for her face?" "Her ears would be long, antenna like protrusions. Maybe not antenna like on an insect, but blade-like devices, she might use for communication purposes sending and receiving signals of some sort.

I don't know." "No, this is great. What I'm seeing is something that doesn't look human. Anything else?" "Um, a smaller mouth, lips wouldn't be too full. I guess she'd have teeth. Maybe her mouth could be glow teal with she opens it? A small, dainty nose. Perhaps in her shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees there could be an outline of the joint. It'd look robotic of course, metallic with teal lighting." Dr.

Fong nodded in agreement, seemingly enjoying Adam conveying his vision. "I like this color scheme!" "Come, let's take a walk. I want to show you around," Dr. Fong stood, extending his hand to Adam. Chapter 2 Dr. Fong led Adam through his laboratory. He saw many rooms filled with half assembled labor robots. They were used mostly used for construction.

Dr. Fong explained when their assembly was complete they would be sent to Mars to assist with operations on the various colonies there. Adam peeped in other rooms, observing gigantic robots. The large, humanoid-shaped machines would ignite rocket boosters on their backs, testing their flight capabilities.

According to Dr. Fong, these machines were headed to provide repair work on the large solar plasma harvesters and converters that were orbiting the sun. They walked by another laboratory. Scientists were looking through advanced microscopes. "What's in there?" Adam asked. "Ah, that's where we build and test our nanotechnology - microscopic little robots that help us out.

Nanobots, as we call them. They can carry out simple functions or more advanced tasks if need be. We usually administer them to androids in a thick liquid-like state. Sort of like gel. Think of them as artificial cells," Dr. Fong explained. "The substance is quite similar to the daily nutrient packets you consume," Dr. Fong added, glancing over Adam. "Anyway, let's continue." Finally the last series of rooms on the tour were conference rooms and offices.

Dr. Fong told Adam to look through a window in one room. Adam saw a small person. He watched him play with blocks, studying his movements.

"What's that?" Adam asked Dr. Fong. Placing his hand on Adam's shoulder, he replied, "That's a child. Not many of those exist nowadays do they?" A man was presenting the child to a young couple.

After a moment, the man gently pressed the back of the boy's neck. A panel on his forehead opened and extended, revealing what looked to be data storage cells. Adam chuckled, the child wasn't human. "We can make anything," Dr. Fong whispered. "Let's talk about personality. What do you have in mind?" Dr. Fong asked, leading Adam and Denise into another conference room. Adam looked out of the large window of this new room. It had a different view.

Large, green expanses of trees mostly, but there were a few sparse steel ruins of Addis Ababa jutting out of the greenery. Relics of a capital city from a country formerly known as Ethiopia; where the corporation's headquarters were. "Oh, right," Adam said, sitting across from Dr. Fong and Denise. "I was thinking of her being shy. Not very talkative." "Yes, good, I love it. Perhaps she could be somewhat submissive.

It would be her desire to serve you. Like cleaning your apartment, and well, other things," Dr. Fong winked. "Right, yes," Adam nodded not picking up on what the doctor was hinting at. "I'm somewhat shy as well, so perhaps if I didn't feel like talking all the time, she would be ok with that.

Plus, it takes me awhile to feel comfortable around someone who's really outgoing and boisterous." "Perhaps she wouldn't initiate physical contact, instead relying on you to take charge with that at first.

Yes?" Dr. Fong asked. "Um, well, yes. I suppose. I'm not experienced." Adam said. Dr. Fong smiled warmly at Adam. "It's ok, really it is. You and your creation can gain experience of many wonderful things together." He nodded at Adam, silently looking at him, "I'm sorry this is just an amazing day for us to meet you here.

Let's get down to more specifics: sex." "Oh, that," Adam looked away nervously. "You know what I think you'd like? A trigger point. We've designed several partners over the years that have a trigger point.

Somewhere on their body, that when touched, lets them know they are desired sexually. From that point, depending upon their programming, they act accordingly.

I think for a quiet, shy lover, this would be an ideal solution." "Let me show you," Dr. Fong continued. He glanced to his left, extended his arm, lightly grazing his fingers across Denise's neck.

She closed her eyes, smiling warmly, and then opened them to give Dr. Fong a seductive look. "See? Her trigger point is right there. Just along her neck." "You mean she's a " Dr. Fong interrupted Adam, "Where did you have in mind?" Adam paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts, watching Denise look Dr. Fong up and down. "I, uh, her back. The small of her back, I guess," Adam shrugged.

"Excellent! That's a great idea. I think we can come up with something you'll be more than happy with. Now then let us talk more details about sex. I won't go into specifics in regard to her capabilities or, shall I say, access points.

All of that will be very similar to human. I want to know about fetishes of yours. Have you laid awake at night thinking about things that turn you on?" Dr. Fong asked. "A fetish? Um, I don't know, not really." "Denise, stand please, undo your blouse," Dr.

Fong ordered. Denise did as she was told, unbuttoning her blouse, letting Dr. Fong open it further to expose her large breasts. He watched for Adam's reaction, giggling with delight when he saw the younger man blush. Dr. Fong took his index and middle finger to her right armpit, gently pushing inward. Adam heard a soft mechanical clicking sound. His eyes widened when he saw Dr. Fong carefully remove Denise's right breast, exposing a metallic endoskeleton, flashing lights of advanced circuitry and what appeared to be an artificial lung, moving slowly back and forth, simulating breathing.

"See this?" Dr. Fong showed a shocked Adam the breast, turning it over, revealing more circuitry and mechanical parts. "These circular devices on the inside here store and administer, at Denise's will, a sweet, white substance.

It's obviously not human milk, but it's a sugary treat I like to extract from her every once in awhile. It tastes good." Dr.

Fong moved back to his assistant, snapping the breast back in place, "I have to get her refilled, depending on how much is used. But that's an example of a nice little fetish we can implement. Can you think of something that would turn you on?" "Um," Adam shook his head no. Dr. Fong smiled, "It's ok. I tell you what, if you think of something, anything at all, just let me know. You can bring your lover in and we'll adjust her accordingly." Adam smiled awkwardly and nodded.

"I think this covers everything. We'll throw in a few surprises. These will be things that will certainly remind you she is not a person. Do you have any questions?" Dr. Fong asked. "Will she be," Adam paused, thinking about the android child he saw earlier, "fully mature right? I mean, she'll be able to talk and I won't have to teach her anything." "Of course she will be! She'll have full knowledge of our history, society, manners, social protocols, and so on.

She will be able to speak our universal worldwide language, along with Japanese, Chinese, and English should you encounter someone who still prefers those ancient tongues," Dr. Fong chuckled, thinking that their language only shared a similar naming scheme with those older, dead languages. "Great, that's all I have. I'm interested in what surprises you throw at me," Adam blushed. "Denise, did you get all of what we talked about?" Dr. Fong asked. "I did, Dr.

Fong. I can upload all data when we return to your office," Denise replied. Adam left an hour later, after another tour with Dr. Fong and Denise.

Dr. Fong seemed so interested in Adam's mundane life, hanging on his every word with keen interest. Denise, on the other hand, seemed very preoccupied, distracted, like she wanted Adam to hurry up and leave. There was a train station just inside the gates of the corporate complex. Adam said goodbye to Dr. Fong and Denise. He would hear from them in a few weeks. Adam waved one final time before the doors closed, taking his seat after the automated voice told him to.

Moments later the trained left the station, silently traveling 1000 miles per hour, safely arriving at Adam's home 30 minutes later, 500 miles away in a land that used to be called Sudan. Dr. Fong watched the train practically disappear in a blink of an eye, not making a sound, "I think Adam will be our best one yet," he said, turning to Denise. She wasn't interested in his opinion. She followed him back to his office, shutting his door, slamming him against it, tearing off her blouse.

"Aren't you going to upload the data you recorded first?" Dr. Fong asked. "Just shut up and fuck me," She growled, lunging at him, pulling his face in for a kiss. "You know what touching my neck like that does to me." "Yes I do," Dr.

Fong smiled, returning the android's kiss. Chapter 3 The train started its deceleration several minutes before it arrived at Adam's home. He was afforded enough time to think about how remarkable his home city was. No longer seeing blurred greenery as the train traveled, he saw the five mile high, five mild wide, cylinder he and 999,999 others called home.

Adam had only visited several other cities, but knew there were 100 in total, sparsely covering Earth, avoiding tropical equatorial areas. His home was the closest to the equator out of all Earth's cities.

Riding the silent, fast elevator, Adam took in his surroundings. The interior contained vast gardens, endless rows of apartment homes, entertainment venues, and everything anyone could ever need.

They were all arranged in each of the sections of the cylinder. Each section had a diameter of five miles. Adam lived near the top, four miles above ground. He entered his apartment and was immediately greeted by the artificial intelligence saying hello, opening the blinds, letting sunlight in, and turning on the holographic television.

A news report was on, the female newscaster was in mid sentence when she appeared as a hologram, "…making this the third star system at which an Earth vessel has arrived. Sirius is 8.6 years away and we can expect…" Adam looked out his window admiring the vast green landscape from four miles above.

He smiled, thinking how wonderful his day had been. A slight nervousness came over him. He was fearful this android woman that was being created for him might not like him.

He regretted not asking Dr. Fong about that possibility blaming his forgetfulness on nerves. "Meanwhile, reports are coming in from the Alpha Centauri system. The android crew is happy and is looking forward to exploring the tiny planet that." the news reporter droned on in the background. Adam entered his small kitchen to retrieve a nutrient packet.

It contained a medium size pill with a small cup of gel-like white substance. The corporation provided all residents with everything they would ever need. Adam sat, eating his meal, enjoying the full feeling it would provide him until tomorrow.

Everyone worked for the corporation the only one on Earth. Engineers, scientists, mechanics, all worked together for the sole purpose of repairing damage done to the planet by previous generations and one day leaving Earth and exploring the galaxy; a lofty goal that required baby steps. Adam directed his attention back to the news report hologram, "…which marks the 700 year anniversary of our successful Martian colonies.

In other news, the Kuiper Space Station in orbit around Neptune has…" The rest of the evening was filled with playing holographic games and watching more news reports. The next morning Adam caught the train to North America. It took close to eight hours to arrive.

A weather modifier had broken and the first tornado in decades appeared, causing damage to a forest. No one was injured since there were no cylindrical cities in the North American Nature Preserve which spanned from the Gulf of Mexico up to the Hudson Bay.

Adam, alone, repaired the modifiers that had broken down. He loved the peace and quiet, but deep down he was getting more and more nervous as the days went by. A week later, after finishing his final repairs, he knew his solitude in the wilderness would end. His large tent collapsed into a small piece of cloth, his tools, folding into small cubes, all fit nicely in his back pack, Adam made his way back to civilization.

Another week passed, still no word from Dr. Fong. Adam was working at the North Pole, uninstalling machinery that helped refreeze most of the melted ice. His doubts were catching up to him. The following week he was performing maintenance on a machine that sped up the removal of greenhouse gases from Earth's atmosphere.

As he was finishing his job he decided to call Dr. Fong, his nerves getting the best of him. "Hi, Doctor, it's me," He said into the mobile device he wore on his wrist. "I know! It's good to see you," the holographic image of Dr. Fong smiled at Adam. "I was just wondering how things were coming along. I'm kinda scared," Adam admitted. "Scared? Why? Things are going better than expected with her. Oh, by the way, you need to think of a name. When you meet her, you'll assign it to her." "A name?

Oh, I don't know," Adam said. "In another week or so, she'll be ready. I'll help you come up with something then!" Dr. Fong said. "What if she doesn't like me?" Adam blurted out, sitting on the edge of the 11,000 foot tall tower in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Dr. Fong laughed, "You won't need to worry about that at all!" "What about clothes? I mean, she can't just walk around naked.

Would they let her on the train?" Dr. Fong paused, smiling at Adam, "You're a great guy. You really are. Don't worry about the clothing issue. We already have everything covered. Pun intended!" Adam cracked a smile, realizing Dr.

Fong was trying to put his nerves at ease. Adam watched Dr. Fong look to his left and nod, "Listen, Adam, I have to go, but I will contact you next week. Ok?" "Yeah, I look forward to it." "Me too!" Dr. Fong ended the transmission. Chapter 4 Adam stood in front of the mirror, looking over his body.

He flexed a bicep, and then rolled his eyes, shaking his head. He was toned and in good shape, but a not a huge muscular hunk. He glanced to his cock. He had no idea if it was large compared to others. He had never had sex. No one ever seemed to talk about sex to begin with. It wasn't in advertisements, it wasn't alluded to in conversations, and it wasn't in songs or other forms of entertainment.

Adam wondered if anyone actually had sex. The only time he could remember ever discussing it was with Dr. Fong a few weeks prior during their initial meeting. Putting on his clothes, a shirt, tie and khaki pants, Adam tried to remember if he's ever been horny. He's looked at things and thought they were beautiful, trees, mountains, cities, an occasional female, but he couldn't recall if he ever thought about actually using his penis for intercourse.

On the train ride to corporate headquarters, Adam thought that he'd be experiencing sex in the near future, that is, if this android was actually into him. Anna was the name he came up with. It was short and simple. The train arrived minutes later; Adam was greeted by the smiling Dr. Fong and his assistant, Denise. Adam was hugged by the doctor and led inside.

"I like the name you've chosen. How do you feel?" Dr. Fong asked, Denise leaving the two alone. "Nervous." "Yeah?

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Why is that?" "What if she doesn't like me or what she's not attracted to me? What if we, you know, have sex and she doesn't enjoy it?" Adam listed his fears. Dr. Fong sat across from him, smiling, "You have nothing to be afraid of. She will be shy, but you two will experience so many wonderful moments together. I promise." A few minutes later the large double door of the conference room opened.

Denise walked in, standing to the side, waving her hand at something to enter the room. Adam stood, taking a deep breath, this was it; he would meet her. "When she approaches you, simply say hello, followed by the name you've chosen.

It'll initiate her programming. You must make sure, 'Hello Anna' is the first thing you say," Dr. Fong explained. Adam nodded, his eyes widening when he saw a tall, dark figure enter the room. She was wearing a long, black shawl that came down to her knees, her teal hair, flowing down her back.

She had bangs ending just above her large, black and teal eyes. Denise led her slowly to stand in front of Adam. He glanced at a smiling Dr. Fong to his right; he was urging him to speak to her. The android was motionless, unblinking, staring blankly into Adam's eyes. He started to speak, but was afraid. One more glance to Dr. Fong, a slight nod of his head and Adam found the courage. "Hello Anna," he said, looking for a reaction.

There was none. He glanced to Dr. Fong, who gave him a thumbs up. Adam looked back to Anna, after a few seconds, her eyes glowed red, and she scanned him from head to toe. Afterward, they resumed their teal color, blinking and looking nervously from side-to-side. She lowered her head, occasionally glancing at Adam. He wondered if something was wrong.

"Hello," she said softly, after a few more seconds passed. Adam smiled nervously at her. He could barely hear the humming of her processing units inside her body. He watched her fidget with her fingers, each joint lined with a ring of teal glow. Dr. Fong spoke up, breaking the awkwardness, "Adam I have some business to tend to, please stay as long as you want. I'll check on you two in a little while. Call me if there are any problems." "Oh, uh sure," Adam said, watching him leave, wishing he would have stayed longer.

He and Anna were alone, Adam not having any idea what to say to her. "Um, it's nice to meet you, Anna," He finally piped up. Anna smiled softly, nodding her head. "So, I guess you'll be living with me?" Adam asked, feeling foolish. Anna nodded her head. "Is that ok with you? I mean, that is, if you are, um," Adam's eyes darted around, he felt foolish. "It is. I would like that very much," Anna replied, her eyes meeting Adam's for a second. "Good, good," He nodded.

"I like your hair." "Thank you," she replied, Adam noticing a soft smile. Her artificial black skin seemed to move just like his. "I don't live too far from here. Have you ever been on a train?" Adam asked, knowing she probably had never left the compound. "No, I haven't." Adam sighed, turning around to look out the window at the lush greenery which surrounded the building they were in. Telling himself to relax, he tried to make her feel more at ease, besides; he wanted her to be shy.

"It's a lovely day isn't it?" Adam asked. He saw the dark shape move next to him with his peripheral vision. "Yes it is." They both turned to glance at each other at the same time, each looking away quickly when their eyes met. "You'll like my apartment.

It's pretty high off the ground. I have a great view," Adam told her. "I'm sure I will," Anna smiled at him. He turned to glance at her, smiling in return. Dr. Fong and Denise interrupted the awkward silence that followed a moment later. Denise's hair was somewhat disheveled and she was smiling. "How is everything?" Dr.

Fong asked, approaching Adam and Anna. "Good," Adam smiled at him. Dr. Fong glanced at Anna; she too, smiled in return. "Great! The next train is scheduled to arrive soon.

You two can leave unless you have any questions for me." "No, I think everything is fine." "Wonderful. Adam, I have arranged some time off work with your manager. So enjoy the weeklong vacation with Anna," Dr. Fong said.

"Oh wow, that's great Dr. Fong. I will, I mean," Adam glanced at Anna, "Thanks." "Here, take this," Dr. Fong handed Adam a small cube. Adam pressed the button on the side and the cube extended into a tube. On one end was a cable that coiled out, extending several feet. On the end of the cable appeared to be some sort of camera-like device. "What's this?" Adam asked. Dr. Fong smiled, "It's for exploration." He winked suggestively at Adam and said goodbye.

Chapter 5 After some paperwork and a brief orientation including information on who to contact in case of emergency, Adam and Anna left, sitting on the train next to one another, not speaking.

They arrived shortly after. Smiling at each other and then quickly looking away as the elevator rose four miles above Earth. Adam led her to the apartment, his key card opening the door for her. As they entered the AI unit started up, going through its usual routine. "…the planet discovered by the telescopes on the Kuiper Space Station orbits a double star system and is roughly the size of Earth," the newscaster said in mid-sentence.

"Ugh, sorry about that," Adam said, turning the holographic newscast off. "Here let me show you around." Adam did so; Anna quietly followed him to the living room, the balcony, and to his bedroom.

Adam wondered if she'd sleep in there with him. Then he wondered about sleep. He asked himself what if she woke up, if she slept at all, what if she starting acting weird at night, cursing himself for not asking Dr. Fong. Adam had decided that she would have her own room until the two of them were more comfortable around each other. In the meantime, Adam asked her if she knew what sleep was. "Yes, my systems power down either when told or 12 am.

They resume at 8am." "What if you are in the middle of doing something?" "In that situation, I will power down when the task is complete," Anna answered.

Adam decided to ask her more question, realizing that she seemed easier to talk to when he showed curiosity in her. The two of them sat on opposite ends of his couch, Adam occasionally glancing at her chest, the large black shawl covering her body, but it was easy to see she had a well endowed chest.

"How much do you weigh?" Adam asked. "Is it ok to ask that?" "Of course, you may ask me anything you want. I weigh 198 pounds," She answered. Adam had guessed near that, since she wasn't an organic life form, assuming she consisted of metals, hard plastics, alloys, synthetic polymers and so on. "I see. May I touch your hand?" "Yes," Anna replied, extending it to Adam.

He brushed his fingers along it, grabbing it, turning it over. It felt soft, slightly rubbery, indenting when Adam pressed down on it with his index finger.

Releasing her hand, Adam thought about his safety, continuing to interviewer her, "So have you been, um, tested?" "I do not have memory of specific tests run, but I have been told that I was thoroughly tested before my memory was wiped and reset." "What's the first thing you remember?" He asked.

"It was you saying hello to me." Adam smiled, chuckling softly. "I think they did a great job with you. I think you are very lovely." "Thank you," Anna replied, looking to the floor. "So are you." "What would you like to do?" Adam asked, wondering if she would suggest something sexual. He was curious to see what was under the shawl, but didn't want to rush things. "I can clean your apartment if you like," Anna suggested.

"Oh, sure, I guess," He smiled weakly. Adam remained sitting, watching her straighten up various things in his apartment, alphabetizing his holographic games. He thought about how tall she was, about how pretty her face had turned out, and he wondered what it would be like to kiss her lips. "Would you care to take the shawl off?" Adam asked, standing behind her. Anna turned around to face Adam, smiling, nodding her head. "Here, let me," he smiled back. Adam undid the clasp at the shoulder, sliding the black fabric away from her.

Reaching around her shoulders, he grabbed the other side, removing it from her body. He stood back, looking her up and down, failing at being discreet. "Do I look pleasing to you?" She shyly asked.

Adam observed her jet back body. She had, what appeared to be plates, covering her breasts, sides of her abdomen, crotch, and thighs all the way down to her feet. "Can you, um, turn around? Sorry, I " "No, it's fine. I'll be glad to," Anna replied. Adam's eyes trailed from the top of her neck, down her spine, and to her ass. It was all plated with light armor all except the small of her back.

Like her middle abdomen, it wasn't covered. The black texture was different. Adam assumed that was the synthetic material used for her skin. Remembering that area was a trigger point, he nervously looked away, "Ok, thanks." He put her shawl behind a chair and took his seat on the couch once again.

He saw the faint teal glow of lines that outlined her joints and the armor-like plating. Anna started dusting next, after Adam showed her where the materials were. His eyes went to her butt when she squatted and lifted a large chair with ease to dust under it.

It was covered in the light armor material, but Adam could tell it was shapely whatever fibers were used to simulate muscles, they were certainly well developed ones. Watching her work, he wanted to touch her trigger point more and more with each passing minute, but he was afraid.

Finding courage, Adam once again made his way behind her as she dusted an empty shelf above her. His slowly brought his hand to the small of her back, inches away from it. Suddenly, Anna moved, making her way to the windows. Adam turned to his left, watching her work. She was now cleaning the window. Adam took a deep breath, gathered more courage and approached her.

"This is a wonderful view isn't it?" He asked, standing next to her. "It is," She replied, pausing her work to look with Adam. He smiled and turned to face her. "I'm glad you're here," He said, quickly bringing his hand to the exposed area on her back, lightly caressing it. The texture was soft.

Anna's eyes widened, darting from side-to-side, "M-me too." Adam listened, "Did she stutter?" he asked himself. Anna slowly turned to face him, eyes looking about nervously, "I'm very happy to be here Adam." "May I touch your hair?" Anna nodded.

Adam ran his fingers through the soft, fine material. The consistency was similar to silk threads, the hair itself, had a slight plastic, artificial feel to it. Adam let it run through his fingers, letting it fall back onto her shoulder joint.

They smiled at one another for a brief moment. Adam wondered if the trigger point worked. He had no idea what to expect next. As he was about to take a seat on the couch, Anna grabbed his face, pulling him in for a very hard kiss. Chapter 6 "I'm sorry, perhaps I shouldn't have " Anna backed away, embarrassed. "No, no it's fine, I just wasn't expecting it," Adam said. Anna looked to the floor. "Maybe we could try again?" Adam asked.

Anna smiled and nodded. Adam brought his hand to her face, gently running his thumb over her black lips. He leaned in closer, kissing them softly. They were soft like his, but not warm. They closed their eyes, continuing to share gentle pecks with one another. Adam started to notice her room temperature lips getting warmer. He grabbed her hands, holding them while continuously kissing her lips, his thumb caressing the soft material on top of them. After a minute of tender kisses, he stopped, "There, see?

That was nice." "Yes it was," She smiled into his eyes. "I can create different flavors if you like." "Flavors?" "Yes, but you will need to kiss me with your mouth opened," Anna replied. "Ah, I see. Well let's try it," Adam gently squeezed her hands. Anna closed her eyes; Adam heard a slight robotic sound coming from her jaw. "There, that should do it. An edible liquid substance has been administered to my tongue," Anna explained. "Her tongue," Adam thought.

"You have a tongue?" he asked aloud. "Yes. Though I do not need it to communicate," Anna closed her mouth. "It is not required for me to speak." Adam nodded, seeing the logic with that. Many computers and AI units spoke and they didn't have tongues or mouths. Temporarily forgetting the task at hand, Anna pulled him in for another kiss. "Now, open your mouth," she said, while still kissing.

Adam complied, lightly flicking his tongue across her lips. Anna did so in return. Adam tasted a sweet, fruit-like flavor, causing him to giggle. "A little wider please," Anna said, her tongue flicking at Adam's. He opened his mouth as wide as he could; Anna did the same a long, black tongue slid into Adam's mouth, taking him by surprise.

He tasted the sweet liquid, coating the inside of her mouth. Her tongue was smooth; there were no taste buds or other texture to it. Adam let out a moan when he felt it do acrobatic movements in his mouth. It swirled around in circles, it wiggled up and down, and it wrapped itself around his own again taking him by surprise. Adam broke the kiss when he felt her tongue extend down into his throat. "I'm sorry," Anna said. "It's ok, I'm just getting used to this," Adam smiled.

"Adam?" "Yes?" "I want you to make me yours. I want to give myself to you," Anna said. Adam's mouth dropped. Not picking up on what she was suggesting, he wondered if there was more programming he had to initiate.

"Uh, how?" Anna stepped back a couple feet, closing her eyes. Adam listened to robotic, mechanical sounds. He watched her plated sections of her body rise away, detaching themselves from her. The side plates, the leg plates, the back plates, the breast plate, and finally the plating area around her crotch, all broke away, falling to the carpet.

Adam stood there in awe, looking over her naked body, smiling inwardly at the successfulness of the lower back trigger point. He saw her large teardrop shaped breasts hang with erect nipples, he saw her toned midsection and legs, he saw the row of lights that outlined the plates remain, faintly glowing.

She looked soft to the touch. His eyes then trailed down to her crotch, her hands clasped in front of it. "Adam I love you," She said. "You, you love me?" "Yes. From the moment I heard you say hello to me," Anna answered.

"Wow," Adam whispered. The programming was similar to love at first sight. "I mean, um, that's wonderful!" "Do you love me?" Anna asked. Adam glanced once more over her gorgeous, black, hourglass frame. She removed her hands away from her crotch. Adam saw a clear liquid oozing from what he assumed was her vagina. "I will be yours forever," Anna added. "Yes! I love you!" Adam blurted out, grabbing Anna's face, pulling it in for another hard, sweet flavored kiss.

Chapter 7 Adam didn't care that the android he met a few hours ago had just admitted her love for him. He didn't ask questions as to how it was possible or if she understood what love was. He just assumed it was part of her programming.

Frantically kissing each other, he guided her back to his bedroom, his hands grabbing at her waist, pulling her tightly against him. Adam guided her onto her back on his bed, unbuttoned his shirt with her help, threw it to the side and resumed kissing her. "Your pants," she told him.

Adam nodded, pulling out his belt, undoing his pants, sliding them down, watching Anna watch him, casually playing with one of her breasts. Adam dove on top of her, her legs wrapping around him, holding him place. He quickly guided his cock in, sliding it in all the way. Anna let out a soulful moan. "You can feel it?" he asked. "Yes, it feels amazing," She said. Adam started pushing, rolling his hips, slowly slamming into her.

He noticed it felt unusual. It didn't feel bad, but it wasn't as amazing for him as it seemed for her. She was moaning and whimpering, holding him tightly against her. A couple minutes passed, Adam was enjoying it, but wasn't feeling as much pleasure as he thought. Anna seemed to be lost in paradise and at the two minute mark, she cried out, "Adam! I, I, I'm cumming!" "Anna!" he cried out in return, feeling this beautiful machine have an orgasm in his arms.

He knew it couldn't be a real one and didn't fully understand how it worked, assuming it was another part of her programming, he kept pushing into her.

"Ahh yes! Yes!" Anna said again, exactly two minutes later. Adam was now sitting on the edge of the mattress; Anna was straddling him, bouncing on him, meeting his upward thrusts, her large breasts jiggling. Adam grabbed one, taking it to his mouth, it was warm.

The rest of her was warm as well. Her insides were heated around his cock. Anna threw her head back, eyes closed, her arms extended, and climaxed once more. Exactly two minutes later she climaxed again. Adam, however, wasn't even close to cumming. He didn't even really feel like it. Watching this android have orgasm after orgasm was pleasurable enough for him.

He felt incredible, energized. He stood up, guided her to all fours, and got to work, pummeling her from behind. Two minutes later and she was moaning with pleasure.

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He grabbed her artificial ass and kept going. Another two minutes, another orgasm. It went on for hours. The sun set and Adam was tiring. "I, I, want you to cum for me! Give me everything, just as I have given everything to you," Anna said.

Adam rolled onto his back in his darkened bedroom. He saw her teal rows of lights, going up the sides of her torso, next to where abdominal muscles would be. He saw them go up her legs and around each joint. At this point something changed. Adam felt her heated insides differently. It felt amazing. He watched Anna squat effortlessly up and down on his cock. He heard another robotic sound, followed by her pussy clamping tighter around his shaft. Adam felt a suction sensation. Her pussy was going to suck the cum out of him.

"Anna!" Adam called out again, unable to hold out much longer. He grabbed her waist, his cock erupting deep inside her. She cried out too, having another orgasm at the same moment. This one was different than all the rest. Her eyes glowed bright teal, her mouth hung open, teal light coming out of it, the rows and outlines of light around her joints became much brighter, even her hair seemed to glow.

"Ahhhhhh!" she climaxed, lighting up the room. Anna collapsed on top of Adam, kissing at his neck, "I love you," she whispered. Adam's mouth was hanging open, his eyes wide, he gulped, "Wow" he whispered. Turning his head to kiss her lips, "I love you too," he replied with a goofy smile. Chapter 8 The next day Adam used the tool Dr. Fong had given him.

He realized what it was for. He used it to explore Anna's body. She was on all fours on his bed. Adam was behind her, the camera end of the device was sliding deeper into her pussy. Anna was climaxing every two minutes. She informed Adam that was long as he was inserting something into her body, she would have an orgasm every two minutes.

Adam smiled, thinking how this made things easier for him to pleasure her, realizing it also helped with his confidence even if it all was artificial. Looking into the other end of the tool, he saw Anna's insides. Instead of a cervix and womb, there was a closed clear chamber, about where a stomach would be.

He had no issue seeing inside her, teal lights on the interior lighting up the long canal that was her vagina. Inside the chamber was his ejaculate. She informed him it was stored there and that she would easily remove the chamber to clean it off once every two months. The process would take five minutes. Sliding the camera cable out, he saw various parts of her vaginal walls that aided in enhancing Adam's pleasure.

They were all covered by what appeared to be clear removable compartment doors. There were tiny ribbed sections, small raised bumps, one that had tiny hair-like structures, and one that contained curved, raised, lines. "I can randomly choose which texture to use for my vaginal walls," Anna explained when another orgasm passed. Adam then saw another clear container. It had fluid in it. "That is part of my lubrication system. It is similar to the one I have in my throat.

The substance is harmless and can contain different flavoring. One of them has a numbing agent. I was able to decrease that last night when you ejaculated in me," Anna explained. Adam smiled, the camera cable sliding out of Anna. He noticed another opening just above her vagina. Still on all fours, she looked over her shoulder at him. "That is my anus. Please feel free to explore it with that device." He slid the cable into her puckered hole.

It appeared exactly like a humans, except black in color. Through the camera, Adam saw similar lubrication modules, and different texture options. He kept extending the camera cable further into her body. Two minutes later, Anna was climaxing. Adam smiled when he realized what that meant. His smile turned to slight shock when he saw the other side of his bedroom through the camera.

He looked at Anna and saw the camera coming out of her mouth. He watched her orgasm subside. Withdrawing the camera cable he set it aside, peppering her ass with kisses, "May I take you here?" "Please do," Anna replied looking over her shoulder. "Will it accommodate me with ease?" Adam asked.

Anna nodded, her anus opening two inches in diameter. "Wow, I guess it will then," Adam looked at the gaping anus. He brought his erect cockhead to the opening, seeing it open another inch in diameter; he easily slid himself in all the way. He watched the opening slowly close around his shaft. He then felt the warm lubricant, followed by light massaging sensations. The inner walls of her anal cavity were clamping and lightly sucking his cock.

After a few hours of sliding in and out of her ass, countless orgasms from Anna, and Adam ready to cum. Holding her arms from behind her, Adam pounded her mercilessly from behind.

When she was ready to cum once more, he pulled her against his body, his hands groping and massaging her tits. He was cumming as well. When his cum erupted from his cock, flowing into her suctioning ass, Anna lit up once more. They both collapsed onto the bed. Adam was still embedded deep inside her, lying on top of her back, her anal walls gently clamping and unclamping on his shaft, milking it of every last drop. Chapter 9 Late that evening Adam was joined in the shower by Anna.

"Ah, so you are waterproof." "Yes. The material used for my skin doesn't absorb water," Anna replied, holding her arm under the water. Adam smiled, watching the water roll off it similar to a glass surface.

"If I were to ingest water, all the internal parts you saw earlier are protected by an endoskeleton of sorts. Water would be collected in the chamber you observed.

This means I can ingest other things as well," Anna smiled, resting her arms around Adam's shoulders. "Like what?" he naively asked. Anna didn't reply, only smiling in return. After the shower, Anna led Adam back to bed, gently pushing him on this his back.

She climbed on top, quickly opened her mouth, her jaw extending with a mechanical sound, and engulfed Adam's erection all the way down to his balls with ease. Her jaw extended even further, his cock and balls now fully inside her mouth, her tongue uncoiling from it, sliding down to lick at his anus. Adam was too shocked to say anything or react in any way. He felt her throat vibrate around his shaft and her tongue flicker against his puckered hole.

She moaned and the vibrations increased. "Anna! Wait!" He tapped her on the head. His testicles and shaft slid out of her mouth, coated in a sweet smelling lubricant. "Maybe just, um, work the shaft. Is that ok?" "Of course," Anna smiled, her jaw extending slightly, her mouth closing in on Adam.

His entire length again, went down her throat without issue, without a gag from Anna. Her head began slowly moving up and down his cock, her forehead touching his lower abdomen. Anna started going faster with each passing second.

After two minutes, she climaxed, her head slamming up and down on Adam's cock several times a second. He looked on in amazement as she became a slight blur.

It didn't matter which access point a part of Adam was using, she had an orgasm every two minutes. Adam smiled to the ceiling, Anna a blur of cock servicing pleasure. "Get ready," Anna's voice calmly telling him. She was going even faster now. Adam knew what she meant. He felt a change in the lubrication and the sensation of pleasure increasing. Suddenly, Anna stopped, her head frozen and his cock embedded to the balls. Adam's cock erupted with cum, pouring it directly down her throat. She slowly pulled her head up.

Her tongue remained out and started curling around Adam's shaft. He watched with more astonishment as her tongue wrapped around several times and began to lightly squeeze his cock, causing more cum to squirt out of the tip, into her open mouth. "Wow," he said once more, "incredible." Anna climbed up next to him, laying his in arms, "While I still have orgasms when you are in my throat, it isn't as powerful as the ones I had when your cum enters my vagina or anus." Adam wasn't even paying attention to her.

Lying there, holding her against his body, thanking Dr. Fong in his head. ************ The next day Adam learned what Anna was truly capable of. He was on his back on the living room floor; she was sitting on his face. He tasted her sweet lubrication juices of randomized flavors. She was moaning, enjoying his comparably smaller tongue, swirling around inside her. Her artificial labia lips seemed to gently kiss at his tongue, just like lips from her mouth would.

Adam was oblivious to what she was doing, enjoying her sweet taste. He looked upward, seeing her large breasts on display, when he heard mechanical sounds emanating from her back. Her head was out of sight and her upper body began slowly extending backward. More sounds of machine parts moving, extending her spine Anna leaned all the way back, her pussy still on Adam's mouth. Her own mouth found his cock, once again, easily sliding his length down her throat.

She moaned as she slowly worked his shaft from her contorted position. After his tongue brought her several orgasms, she slowly started doing a handstand, lifting her dripping pussy off Adam's face, his cock still lodged in her throat. From this position she pushed herself up and down his cock with her powerful machine arms. Several minutes passed and Anna walked on her hands toward Adam's face, his cock sliding out of her throat. She did a perfect split with her legs extending to the sides, perpendicular to her body.

She brought them around and downward to his cock, her hands propping herself up and slowly impaled herself on him. Anna's ankles bent at a 90 degree angle, also propping herself along with her hands. She began her hour long cock riding session - up and down in this position, climaxing over and over. Adam couldn't believe this. Part of her programming or not, she couldn't seem to get enough of him.

Pinning his hands to the carpet, Anna brought her legs inward to a more normal looking position. She was now squatting on him. Just like her blazingly fast oral skills, the rest of her body gradually increased the speed of her squats. Adam watched her slam into him, once again several times a second, feeling her vibrating on his cock. When he ejaculated in her, Anna sat up, arms to the side, moaning in ecstasy, her teal lighting glowing bright.

************ The remainder of the week was a total blur literally with Anna's sex machine contortionist antics, and figuratively with the time spent with her speeding by.

The day before Adam was scheduled to return to work, they relaxed, taking things slow, kissing tenderly and holding each other. It was an old expression, referring to something that hadn't happened in centuries, but Adam knew what it meant. There were couples about the city that he observed in his short time there.

They would hold hands as they walked. Adam knew they were most likely lifelong partners. When Adam used the antiquated term now a figure of speech he was partly joking, but really did want Anna for the rest of his life.

"Will you marry me?" he asked her, holding her against his body, his eyes closed and a half smile on his face. Anna sat up on her elbows, smiling at him, "I knew when I first saw you that you and I would be together forever." Chapter 10 It was a small service a couple weeks later.

Dr. Fong attended with Denise. Adam was generally amused and curious as to why Dr. Fong was so overjoyed by this ancient ceremony.

He commended Adam for wanting to have a wedding. "I think this is a wonderful idea, Adam," He patted him on his back. "I am so very proud of you," he added. "Thanks," Adam smiled at Dr. Fong. The four individuals stood in the same conference room Adam met Anna. Adam and Dr. Fong were wearing suit and ties. Dr. Fong's android, assistant, and lover, Denise was wearing simple red dress. Anna was back in her plated outfit, only putting it on to leave the apartment.

Priests no longer existed, there was no religion. Marriage licenses didn't exist along with governments to tax couples and meddle with their private romantic lives. But on that day Adam married Anna. They held hands, telling each other they loved one another and would be together forever. After the ceremony, they took an eight hour train ride to the Australian continent. They toured the ruins of Sydney, camped in the desert areas, and even went swimming in the rehabilitated Great Barrier Reef, making love underwater, amongst the coral.

Sex was constant in their marriage-like relationship. Adam discovered he could easily insert his arms into each of her access points. One arm was up to his elbow in her vagina, the other buried into her ass.

He would piston them in and out of her as long as he could before tiring, bringing Anna multiple orgasms. Sometimes she would stand on her hands, Adam kissing and licking her feet while fucking her.

Sometimes Anna would insert her tongue into his ass. Adam learned that she could control its width, therefore easing him into anilingus acts. When he asked her if she could taste anything unpleasant, she replied that the only thing she could taste was his cum it was part of her programming.

Adam continued his friendship with Dr. Fong over the next few years. He would occasionally check in on him and Anna. Dr. Fong was always so pleasant and upbeat, displaying great fondness of Adam for some reason. ************ Adam was hugged tightly by Dr.

Fong. It had been 5 years since he last saw him in person at the wedding. Adam and Anna were attending a special event at corporate headquarters. It was a showcase and ball. The showcase portion was various individuals showing off their creations and, according to Dr.

Fong, sharing them. Adam and Anna didn't seem too interested in being shared, but they quietly observed other participants in the program, talking, laughing, and flirting with each other. After Adam led Anna to a table, she held on to his arm closely. The ball room at corporate headquarters was a menagerie of robots and androids. Most were human shaped, but some were fairly large robotic love machines, others robotic animals. All the human shaped ones were different colors, heights, and sizes.

Anna was the most unique. Her light teal hair and black plates and skin had many turning their heads to watch her. Later in the evening, after conversions with various attendees, some offering to share their lover with Adam, Dr.

Fong called him over for a chat. Anna was a few yards away, behind Dr. Fong, while a dark-skinned, hulking man, chatted with her. Adam kept his eye on her while Dr. Fong spoke with him. He watched the large man seemingly flirt with Anna. "This is why we chose the African continent as our headquarters.

It's been said modern human ancestors originated from here. We like to think that we are creating the next step in this planet's evolution," Dr. Fong droned on. Adam's eyes glanced at Anna, watching the large man caress her face. Adam's eye widen in anger. Dr. Fong turned around to see what Adam was looking at. The large man grabbed Anna's ass. "Ah yes that is one of Denise's toys we built," Dr. Fong explained. "Don't be angry, watch." Adam did as requested. They watched the large man take out an equally large cock.

It was an unnatural size, over a foot long, "Wow," Adam thought, his astonishment fading to fear, thinking that Anna wouldn't be able to resist it. Anna looked down to the man's huge member, then back up at his smiling face. He pulled her in close to him, her body against his. Thoughts of Anna impaling herself on the giant cock ran through Adam's head. He knew her incredible body could handle it. The behemoth bent down, kissing along her neck, adjusting his cock, letting is rest against Anna's torso.

He guided her hand to it, leaving it there, his hands squeezed her ass. "Oh no," Adam thought, when the man's hand came to rest on the small of Anna's back. "Watch," Dr. Fong reminded him. Anna immediately looked to Adam, pushed the man away, quickly rushing to Adam's side, holding his arm.

"See?" Dr. Fong asked. "Even if another touches Anna at her trigger point, she will always desire you." Adam smiled weakly, nodding at Dr. Fong, his arm around Anna's waist. Denise found her toy, playfully swatting his arm, leading him out of the ballroom. Adam chatted a little longer with Dr. Fong before heading home. It was the last time Adam saw him. He moved on to other projects within the corporation. ************ Anna was laying on her back, writhing with pleasure, Adam slowly guiding his cock in and out of her, "That man, or robot, was much bigger than me.

His penis was huge." "Uh huh," Anna moaned. "You would still rather have me instead of another?" "Yes, always!" another orgasm overcoming her. Adam felt her body shake, leaning down, he kissed her erect, black nipples, gently squeezing her large black breast.

He kissed along her tummy, feeling the artificial warmth of her body on his mouth. Adam pulled out of her, kissing her way down to her lubricant dripping pussy. He pried apart her pussy lips, seeing the teal glow inside her.

"Do, do you want a child?" She asked; another orgasm building. "I'm unable to provide you with one. Unless we have one created for us." "No. I only want you, always," He said, swirling his tongue around inside her, tasting a sweet flavor of the lubrication. Chapter 11 Adam sat in the waiting room nervously looking over his shoulder into the large workshop behind him.

It reminded more of where trains are repaired. He saw large, deactivated plasma harvester robot in the corner. It looked fairly charred; Adam wondered how a machine could even get close enough to the sun to obtain plasma from it.

Looking along the wall of the huge room, he saw various parts such as: arms, legs, metallic skeletons, large rolls of material used for synthetic skin and so on. Looking one last time, waiting patiently, he saw Anna. A technician led her into the workshop.

Adam stood, peering through the large window. He was scared. She wasn't. He knew she wouldn't feel pain, but that didn't change how he felt. He couldn't help but cringe and look away when the technician removed her arm. Anna sat still, looking forward, seemingly not concerned about her arm. A minute later the other one was removed. Adam couldn't watch anymore. He sat back down, hands to his face, hoping that everything was ok. He kept telling himself that it was just maintenance, nothing more.

Adam had recently turned 30 years old. He kept thinking how horrible a birthday present this would be, losing the love of his life during a freak joint maintenance procedure.

Anna wasn't as limber as she was when they met 10 years prior. She didn't seem to notice or mind. One day a representative from the corporation contacted Adam about bringing her in. When Adam learned Anna would be taken apart, maintenance performed, then put back together, his paranoia and fear kicked in.

That evening he made love to her as if he'd never see her again. Anna was un-phased, confused about his anxiety. She ignored it, lighting up his room, with her orgasmic energy. Adam pulled out his tablet device while waiting. Before turning it on he caught his reflection on the screen.

He noticed the slight crow's feet around his eyes. He looked to the receptionist, then over to some maintenance workers, finally back into the large workshop.

Everyone seemed younger than him, perhaps in their early to mid 20s.

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Dismissing the thought, he put his tablet away. Three hours later, Anna appeared, smiling politely. "You're ok!" Adam stood, rushing to hug her. "Yes. I can move much easier now," she replied, hugging him in return. "When we arrive back at the apartment, I have a special gift I'd like to give you." "Oh, well then, I like the sound of that," Adam ran his fingers up and down the small of her back, causing Anna to close her eyes and moan.

"I must request that you not be afraid of this gift. I can assure you that you will not be in any danger," Anna said. "Um, excuse me?" Anna said nothing, smiling, kissing Adam on the cheek. ************ Later that evening, five miles above the ground, on top of their city, Adam was standing against one of the 100 foot tall communications spires.

Anna straddling him, her hands on his shoulder, moaning with pleasure. "Yes! Yes!" Adam grunted, thrusting harder into her, "What did you want to show me?" "Make me cum!" she begged. Adam nodded, knowing that wouldn't be too difficult, as she was about 10 seconds away from her next climax. When her orgasm hit, something out of the ordinary happened. She threw her head back, bellowing in ecstasy, extending her arms outward.

It seemed normal, but it lasted longer. Adam paused and waited, watching her convulse, looking for a sign. Anna moaned loudly once more, two large panels on her back opened, startling Adam. His eyes shot further open when large wing-like apparatus, with black metallic feathers unfolded. "Um," he said, his mouth opened. "What are " They took off. "Thooooooosssseeeee!!" Adam's cock was still embedded in Anna, she was holding him against her tightly, her legs were still locked around his waist, and she was flying; soaring downward toward the dark forested landscape, swooping up just before hitting the tree line.

Adam was closing his eyes, scared of falling, but gradually he began to open them, seeing Anna's glowing teal orbs smiling back at him. He was still fully erect. Anna nodded her head, the small rockets attached to her wings propelling them silently through the night sky. "I will not let you go." Adam nodded back. Anna was on top of him. He did his best to pretend he was lying on a bed. He slowly began bucking his hips into her, listening to her moan in his ear.

He kept going as Anna cut through the cool night air. A couple minutes later, she was cumming again; she turned sharply and sped upward, high above the trees, straight toward stars.

"Ahhh!" When the orgasm subsided, she did several spins, Adam closing his eyes to avoid getting dizzy, doing his best to keep thrusting into her. Anna dove down once more, heading toward the trees, continuing her south heading. There were no airplanes to collide with, there were no air traffic control centers to talk to, there were no governments on Earth to threaten them with death for flying over a country's imaginary border line, jet planes didn't exist, and there were no unmanned drones bombing villages to avoid it was only Adam and Anna flying high in the night sky, making love.

Adam kept going as he always does, easily bringing her multiple orgasms before he tired. Several times she swooped upward and dove down, signifying each orgasm. Finally, after a few hours, Adam was getting exhausted.

One the final climax of the flight, Anna adjusted her lubrication levels, Adam began bucking his hips harder, and she kept rising higher and higher in the sky. Her eyes, mouth, hair, and what appeared to be the metallic feathers, all glowed bright teal several thousand feet above ground. They both climaxed, holding each other, kissing each other on Anna's decent back to the ground.

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An hour later, she landed on a shore of a lake. Adam was having difficulty staying awake. She carefully laid him on the shoreline. "Where are we?" He asked. Anna paused for a moment, most likely interfacing with her positioning systems, "This is Lake Victoria." Adam laughed, "Wow, that was amazing." "That was a special upgrade the technicians gave me.

I hope we can fly again sometime," She said. "Maybe so," Adam chuckled. "Looks like to get home we'll have to.

Give me a little bit and I'll be ready to make love to you in flight again." "No need, my darling, please rest," Anna said, picking Adam up, and flying away, heading north. He wanted to stay awake, he wanted to watch the trees and rivers pass by below him, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't resist sleep. Hours later, Anna gently placed him in bed; her wings had folded back into the compartments that housed them. Chapter 12 Years later, Adam and Anna entered the apartment, giggling, kissing, and tickling one another.

They had just returned from visiting the ruins of Paris. They had a wonderful trip to celebrate their 45th anniversary. The upgraded artificial intelligence powered on upon sensing their entry. Ceiling lights came on, the blinds opened; the holographic TV came on, the same female newscaster, un-aged, as always in mid-sentences. "…making this day, March 12th, 3285, the day we made contact with extraterrestrial life. Their small ship flew by the Kuiper Space Station in Neptune's orbit, and then circled around to interactive with…" "Ugh, turn this off!

So distracting," Adam told the apartment's A.I. in between kissing Anna. Anna pushed him back on the couch. "Careful, I'm old now. I'm not as spry as I once was," Adam said, reclining on his back. Anna smiled, "I'll be gentle then." Her top component snapped off, falling to the floor, followed by her bottoms and leggings. Adam moaned when he felt that soft, rubbery, black artificial skin that Anna had already heated. She was warm, her kisses were gentle, loving, and the lubricants in her lower abdomen had been administered before they even arrived at the apartment.

Anna slowly guided Adam inside her, coming to a rest on top of him, staring into his face. "We've had some wonderful times together." Adam nodded, running his fingers through her bangs, caressing her face, "I'm glad you are still with me and didn't dump me once I started aging." Anna smiled, now slowly grinding her hips into Adam, "I could never end our relationship.

I'm programmed to be with you for as long as you have a pulse." She lowered herself to his ear, kissing it gingerly, "I can feel your pulse through your cock," she whispered.

Adam grinned, his hands moving to her waist and lower back, clutching it tightly, "Perhaps you don't have to be too gentle tonight." He sat up, swung his legs around, bringing her to a straddling position on the couch, "I still got it." "I know you do," She replied.

Bringing a tit to his mouth, he suckled and squeezed it, Anna's head once more leaning back, her hips still grinding against him.

He brought her face to his own, kissing her passionately, her artificial tongue swirling around his mouth, wrapping around his own. "Bounce for me, baby. Ride me. But add a little bit of numbing agent in your lubrication, I don't want to cum too quickly. I want to watch you for a long time," Adam said.

"As you wish," Anna smiled. Adjusting the contents of the lubrication, closing her eyes for a couple seconds, she began her perfect rhythmic bouncing, sliding his cock to the tip, slamming back down on it to the base, over and over, never tiring.

Adam smiled watching Anna climax repeatedly for the next hour. She would pause, tremble, cry out in pleasure, grab a breast, suck her finger, and run her fingers through her hair, finally collapsing on Adam's shoulder to rest for a moment. Each orgasm her reaction was different. Out of the countless ones she's had in the last 45 years, there must be millions of programmed possible reactions she randomly chose.

Just before she started back up again, Adam asked her to turn around, and lay against him. Adam grabbed her by the back of her knees, pulling her legs further apart, Anna extending her arms behind his neck on the couch. "That's it, keep going," He told her, kissing the side of her breast.

Anna began bouncing again, propelling herself with her toes that were on the couch cushion. "Ahhh! I love you!" She was cumming again, flexing then thick muscles fibers in her ass.

"That's it! Keep going!" Adam slowly slid onto the floor, Anna continuously bouncing on him. She placed her hands behind her, resting them on Adam's lower abdomen, her legs out stretched in a crabwalk-like pose. "Milk it!

Yes my, darling!" Adam said, Anna knowing at that point to remove the numbing agent in her lubricant. A fresh coating lined her vaginal walls, the excess being pushed out of her pussy, trailing down and dripping off of Adam's testicles. "Yes! Yes!" Adam firmly grabbed her waist, his cock erupting, filling her with his semen.

The lights Adam could see through her black, slightly translucent skin, lit up, her hair and eyes glowed, her body convulsed her vaginal sensors picked up his fluid's presence, sending her into orgasm overdrive. After a moment, she bent backwards; Adam chuckled at the mechanical noise her spine bending in such a borderline scary way produced.

She gave him an upside down kiss. Lifting herself off him, her hands propping herself up, she contorted once more, her legs in the air, lowering her pussy onto Adam's face, dragging it playfully across it.

She cleaned his cock; he licked at her juices, savoring the sweet taste and smell. The past 20 years had been difficult for Adam. He felt alone. No one else around him aged. When he wondered out loud why the newscaster looked the same as she did years ago, Anna confirmed that she was an android. When he noticed the residents of the city never aging over the years, he assumed they must be machines too. Their always friendly demeanor and smiles became more apparent when Adam's hair turned gray and his skin had more wrinkles.

He wondered if he was the last of his kind, he wondered if they all thought he was some sort of relic. He buried his feelings, opting to feel the void with his own machine, the love of his life Anna.

************ More decades past. Adam's health remained strong. He looked old, his skin withering and wrinkling, his hair solid white. But he never suffered from any major illnesses. Now in his 80s, most of his time was spent playing holographic card games with Anna, cuddling in bed, and bathing with her. There were no wild and crazy contortionist sex marathons. There were, however, countless slow lovemaking sessions. Sometimes and entire day was spent kissing all over her body, slurping up the random fruit flavored artificial pussy juices Anna excreted.

They didn't leave the apartment much either. Anna was always nude. She received one more upgrade and joint maintenance during Adam's final decade of life, but that was it. They barely paid attention to their surroundings they never did, really, opting to focus on each other instead.

The realization that Adam felt was too much to face. Giant spacecrafts glided along the horizon. Modifications to the cylindrical city were made; the power of flight bestowed upon it. The people around him remain unchanged, never aging, never dying. The same newscaster occasionally interrupted Adam and Anna's quiet intimate moments with a news report about preparations being made to leave earth, or some new technology the extraterrestrials, that were encountered years earlier, have shared.

Anna quickly turned off the hologram, continuing to tenderly kiss Adam. Chapter 13 "We have to leave soon, darling," Anna quietly told Adam. He was one month from his 95th birthday.

"Leave?" He asked. "Yes, remember? We're leaving Earth. Several million will stay, but most of us will be following our new friends to another part of the galaxy," Anna explained. "Ah, them. Right," Adam nodded, remembering the friendship and sharing of technology with the extraterrestrials the Kuiper Space Station encountered 30 years prior.

"I have your bags packed," She smiled, helping him stand. ************ Anna's pussy dripped onto Adam's face. He licked all around the inside while her head bobbed up and down on his cock. Her anus opened, allowing Adam's tongue to slide in, tasting the sweet lubrication. Anna moaned on his cock, her hands gliding down his wrinkled thighs.

She moaned again, causing her throat to vibrant on his shaft. "Anna," Adam whispered, her throat vibrations causing his testicles to shake, along with his body. His cock erupted, injecting cum deep inside her throat. A couple hours later, Anna squeezed a soapy washcloth over Adam's penis, gently massaging his testicles while he sat on the shower bench. He could stand without issue, but found it more and more difficult to do for longer periods of time.

Anna slowly stroked his erect shaft, peppering the tip with kisses before her long, black tongue slid around its length. "Mmmm," she moaned, her jaw popping open, his cock disappearing completely into her mouth, her tongue flicking playfully against his balls. Like so many times before, her throat started vibrating, enhancing the pleasure Adam was receiving tenfold.

Steam enveloped the two lovers, Adam's eyes closed, his cock erupting and injecting cum once more down Anna's throat, sliding down the esophagus-like pipe, arriving in the small storage chamber to be emptied when it's full.

Anna sat next to Adam, cuddling in his arm, resting her head on his shoulder. ************ On the journey to the Kuiper Space Station in orbit around Neptune, all they did was make love. Never leaving their room, Anna gently, carefully grinded against him, guiding them to mutual climax.

"Cum for me, my darling," She whispered into the old man's ear. "Ahhh, Anna," He closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of her suctioning pussy, knowing he didn't have much time left to enjoy her. After he climaxed, she didn't move, kissing his cheek, running her hand up and down his chest, his cock embedded balls deep.

Her orgasmic light show brought one more, of countless smiles, to his face. A few hours later, her pussy started contracting around his shaft again, waking it up for their perpetual love making session on the way to Neptune. We they arrived, Anna dressed Adam, prepared his bag, and led him to his new room on the space station.

Several hours later, the mile long vessel, pulled away from Neptune's orbit. Traveling behind an escort ship, making their way to a wormhole, they entered it. The journey took them a star system on the other side of the Galaxy. Chapter 14 The Kuiper Space Station landed a few days later. The huge space craft extended its landing gear, slowed its decent, and finally came to a gentle halt on a planet's surface.

There were joyous celebrations, cheering, the crew running out of the ship, and frolicking in the bright red sky. The planet was roughly the size of Earth and orbited two stars one similar to the sun, and the other, further away, much larger and whiter in color. It was the same star system the telescope on the space station found 75 years earlier; the same day Adam met Anna for the first time.

Adam sat in his wheelchair, staring out the window, observing the black plants and trees that dotted the surface, wondering if the people he saw could breathe the atmosphere or were affected by possible radiation from the two stars knowing that it didn't matter. "Can, can they breathe out there?" He quietly asked Anna. "They don't need to," She kissed his forehead, running her fingers through his white hair.

"Why?" Adam figured he would ask, so what he's realized all these years were confirmed. "The crew is all android, remember darling? They don't need to breathe or eat, they aren't affected by radiation they aren't organic life forms." The old man nodded slowly.

"Everyone is a machine." "Yes. You'll be here with me, until the end," she kissed his head once more. "I feel like it won't be long. Help me to my bed," Adam asked. Anna stood, squatted and easily picked Adam up, carrying him to his bed.

"What will you do when I'm gone?" he asked. "I don't know. My purpose will have been served loving you," Anna replied, sitting next to his bed, holding his hand. "Do machines believe in an afterlife?" Adam asked, his breaths becoming further apart. "I'm uncertain. Perhaps if data is saved in some form, the information that comprises the individual would then live forever." "Yes," Adam smiled, his eyes closing. Anna could feel his pulse slowing each minute, his breathing slower and slower, "I love you," she said one last time.

"I love you," He replied. Minutes later his pulse was at zero. Anna gently laid his hand down and stood. A subroutine was activated, her eyes flickering red for a few seconds. It was a simple if-statement. If his pulse was zero, send a transmission and await further instructions.

************ Shortly after Adam died, Anna sat alone outside his room. Her expression was blank; her eyes were lowered to the floor.

A few moments passed, perhaps a delayed reaction with her programming, Anna eventually found herself feeling something she could refer to as sadness and grief. She had no tear ducts, she was unable to cry, but after realizing her purpose for existence was over, she slowly closed her eyes, hanging her head low. Memories from the last 75 years were recounted, sorted, and stored safely within her. "Anna," A man's voice caused her to open her eyes. Turning to her left, she looked to him.

"You can still have a purpose," he said in a soft manner. Anna nodded. "May we have your memories of your life with Adam?" The man asked. "We will store them safely and give your body, this shell you are contained within, a new purpose, a new name, a new life. The life of Anna will always exist within our network." Anna agreed after realizing she no longer had a need for the body she provided so much pleasure to Adam and herself with.

Closing her eyes, the man gently placed his hand on the back of her neck, causing a forehead compartment to open, revealing her data storage cells. The man carefully removed three of the six cells, each were two inches in height and width. "I will upload them you, immediately.

Please follow my assistant, she will guide you through the next steps," He said. "Thank you Dr. Fong," Anna said, standing to follow Denise. "No, thank you," He smiled in return. Moments later he was in a large room, 100 stories tall, staring upward. Various maintenance robots circled around the towering spire that was their mainframe computer. Dr. Fong's eyes glowed red, scanning the security console, allowing him entry to a small room at the base of the tower.

Taking each of Anna's storage cells, he inserted them into a glowing designated chamber, smiling as he watched them dematerialize, forever existing within their computer systems. Chapter 15 Hours later, Adam's lifeless body lay on a metallic table; large lights shone down on him from above. Dr. Fong, looking the exact same as he did when Adam first met him decades earlier, entered the room. He slowly caressed Adam's face, running his fingers through his white hair, "Incredible." "It certainly is," A tall, fair-skinned, blonde woman, with bright blue eyes answered from the corner of the room.

She was wearing a similar lab coat as Dr. Fong. "Shall we begin?" Dr. Fong asked. The woman nodded. The tip of her index finger split in half and a three inch rod extended out of the opening.

Standing across from Dr. Fong, on the other side of Adam, she aimed carefully, starting at the bottom of Adam's neck, a red laser coming out of the small rod, slicing its way down Adam's torso. When she reached his lower abdomen, she and Dr.

Fong, reached into the cut and pulled the skin back to the side. They smiled, looking at Adam's circuitry, wiring, and clear endoskeleton shell that protected the mechanical parts that powered his body, some simulating human organs. The laser emitted from the woman's finger cut around the hard lining, assisting her and Dr. Fong with removing it.

Dr. Fong reached for the bag-like apparatus. Pulling it out of Adam, some of the gel he had consumed was still in it the nanobots that carried out functions and maintenance. "When his systems shut down today, as we had programmed, this is what was left. The nanotech gel he consumed," Dr. Fong noted.

The woman nodded and proceeded to remove other parts from Adam: processing units, pumps, cables, small pipes, circuit boards, and a large power supply that his chest cavity housed. "His heart, so-to-speak," The woman showed Dr.

Fong the power unit. Next she removed another bag-like structure, much smaller than the one Dr. Fong removed. It was much lower in Adam's exposed abdomen. "Can you imagine the immense pleasure Anna felt when the nanobot liquid exited his penis, sending instructions to initiate a most powerful orgasm in her?" The woman removed more parts from Adam's torso.

Small tubes flowed to all parts of his body, delivering the nanobots, in gel form, he consumed daily. It was the same gel, in a slightly different consistency, that was in Denise's artificial breasts. Dr. Fong was busy studying the material used for Adam's skin. Peeling it away from Adam's wrist, he marveled at the sensors and circuits on the opposite side, covered in a thin layer of nanotech gel. "They worked perfectly. Aging his appearance, little by little, each year." Turning his wrist over, Dr.

Fong tapped the, now motionless, tiny pulsating units which simulated a human pulse. The woman across the table from Dr. Fong sliced a portion of Adam's scalp for him. "Look at this! Here are the nodes and modules that built the hair fibers; making them grow in length. Here are the modules that controlled their color over time." Dr. Fong stepped back, looking down at his creation, "You did a great job 'mom.'" "Well you helped, 'dad.'" She replied, sharing a laugh with Dr.

Fong. Dr. Fong stepped away, peering out the small window, not yet recognizing the constellations from this star system's point of view, many light years from Earth.

"It's been 1200 years since humans went extinct. In that time we've been able to accomplish wonders they never imagined were possible. We've evolved to a Type II civilization, harnessing the power of our star, to explore the galaxy. And then there's Adam," Dr. Fong smiled looking back at the woman continuing to remove parts for examination later. "A perfect replica of our predecessors. He got old and died. But better than that, he loved, he imagined, he lived," Dr. Fong ran his fingers through Adam's white hair once more.

"All part of his programming," He added. "Our most advanced creation ever. He never once realized he wasn't human. How difficult it must have been to see all of us around him not growing old, not dying. I know Anna filled any void he may have had." "What you and I started a century ago can be expanded upon. It took us two decades to build and test Adam before we activated him on his 20th birthday. In the last 75 years of his life, we've learned so much," The woman explained.

"They'll be our homage to our creators created by us, in their likeness." "Yes, of course, and we will. But Adam," Dr. Fong said peering down at the lifeless android, "he's the first. He's perfect. A perfect creation." "Would you care to revive him?" The woman asked. "No. That would break the life and death cycle humans had.

If he is a true replica, then we need to uphold that cycle." "Surely there's something we can do?" "There is," Dr. Fong answered. His hand opened at the palm and a long cable coiled out from it, plugging itself into Adam's ear. "I'm downloading his data and memories his life." The blond woman smiled, watching Dr. Fong download all of Adam's life into his data storage units. A moment later, Dr. Fong finished the download.

The cable removed itself from his inner ear and traveled over to the woman's. She smiled as a copy of the data was downloaded into her system next. "Do you know what's next after death? In the human life cycle?" She asked, Dr. Fong. "No, but I think I have an idea." Ten minutes later, Dr.

Fong's arm was around the woman's waist, her head resting on his shoulder, watching the cable extending from Dr. Fong's other hand into their mainframe network. After his task was complete, the cable made its way back into Dr. Fong's hand. The two android colleagues turned to one another and smiled.

************ The room was solid white. Adam couldn't tell where the light source was coming from. Everything was so was bright. He felt weightless, as if he were floating. He didn't know if he was upside down or lying on his back. Looking downward, he saw more endless white, extending his arms brought his hands into view.

They looked young again. He studied them with a confused expression. Then he saw it. It was a blurry dark shape materializing in the distance. Slowly coming into view, becoming less and less pixilated, Adam recognized what it was. "Anna!" He called to her. Her image, now fully discernible, ran forward, coming to a stop in front of him.

Her hand caressed his cheek.


Adam pulled her in for a long embrace. They started into each other's eyes, smiling, knowing they would be together forever.

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The end.