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Best anal fuck of desi NRi slut Deepti by big cock
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This is a direct continuation of my other story, "Boys at Play". You might have to read that first for this to make sense.

Me, my parents, and Tom left our house at exactly 6:02 for dinner. We were headed for SoHo, a Japanese-style restaurant where they cook in front of you on a grill. The car ride there was funny me and Tom were talking in cryptic messages that confused my parents.

"Hey, do you remember that last game we played?" Tom said, winking as he did so. ".Yeah" I replied, unsure if he literally meant the last video game we played, or the fact that we fucked in the shower. "Well, when we get home, let's play it again but this time, I'm first player" He said.

His smile was suggestive; I was turned on. "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" My dad shouted from the front seat. ". That doesn't make any sense, Dad." I said. "Too late to explain it though!" I shouted relieved. "We're already here!" SoHo is one of those restaurant where they fit as many people as they can at one table in our case, we were sitting with another family of three. Two parents, middle aged, and a gorgeous son who looked to be about me and Tom's age.

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He had short wavy brown, green eyes, and he was skinny but had a definite amount of muscle. He looked sort of like Nathan Kress.


We both eyed each other when our family (and Tom) sat down. "What would you like to drink?" The waitress asked in a Chinese accent. Strange for a Japanese restaurant, but still it broke me out of my trance. "Coke, please" I said. "Is Pepsi alright?" "Yes, that's fine, thank you." My beverage came, along with some Shrimp as an appetizer; then the waitress took our orders.

The rest of the night digressed slowly. It was about 20 minutes, waiting for the chef to appear, when I had to use the restroom.

I excused myself, and went to find the restroom. Eventually, I located it (with the help of a waitress, who didn't speak much English), went in, and found a stall. A normal person would have used the urinals, but not me. I was very shy I wasn't going to chance that a pervert could walk in and see 'ol bobby (I nicknamed by dick).

The chances were diminutive. but still. No. I was pulling out my 7 inches, and I heard someone else walk in. I thought nothing of it, and started peeing. 'Lala la lala' my mind went. Peeing is one of those absent-minded activities that us guys get used to, and just enjoy. Finishing, I zipped up and flushed. Then I walked out of the door, and something collided with me; I did not know what. Excuse me, I should say I did not know whom.

It took me a full three seconds to realize that the person sucking my face was the very same person the handsome boy who was sitting across the table. "Mmmph" I yelled out in surprise, but he silenced me. I started to kiss back, something he seemed to enjoy immensely.

We stood there making out for about a minute, it was heaven on earth. His lips were delicious, plump, and soft, and there was nothing I wanted at that very moment but to feel every square inch of them with my tongue.

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He was the first one to break the kiss. Proceedingly, he pushed back into the stall and locked the door, and teased my abs through my shirt with his hand. I wanted to moan with pleasure, I really did, but I had to suppress it. I ripped off my shirt, and he went started kissing down my body. He tickled my areolae with his tongue, caressing them with his lips. Then, I yanked off his shirt and gasped in surprise.

He was beautiful, skinny, and had the most amazing muscles I had ever seen. They weren't big, but they showed very prominently. He responded by taking off my pants, and my underwear. Taking my now-erect penis in his mouth, he pumped with his mouth, back and forth.

It was the best blow job I had every gotten. It was only two minutes later and I was cumming the hardest I ever had and he swallowed every last drop. I pulled down his pants, and worked on his 7.5 inches. It was an amazing cock, circumsized, just liked me, and fully hard.

It took me a full 3 minutes to get him to blow. He cummed so much, I could barely keep all of it in my mouth. I did not swallow, but I reached up and kissed him again. I swished his juices into his mouth; he was surprised at first, but then we continued to swap bodily fluids.

When we finally broke apart, I asked "What's yo-". He stopped me; putting a finger to my mouth. He pulled out a sharpie from his pants, and wrote his a phone number on my penis.

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Then he put his clothes on and left as quickly as he came. I picked mine up from the floor, put them on, washed my hands, and left to the table. "Where were you?" my mom asked. "There was a long line for the bathroom" I said. My parents believed it, but I don't think Tom quite did. The rest of dinner went well, and, even though I kept stealing glances at him, the boy across the table did not look at me once.

The ride home was quiet.

Everyone was full and did not feel like talking. When I finally arrived to my room, Tom asked "What took you so long in the bathroom?" "Nothing. The shrimp didn't agree with me" I said. Excuses, excuses. "Yea. I'm sure that's it. Tell me, really, or I'll punish you. Hard." He said, slapping my ass. I figured what the hell. "You know that kid across the table?" I asked.

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"Mhm" he said. "We screwed." "You little whore!" He said, still smiling. "You're a little slut, aren't you?" All I could manage was to laugh.

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"Did you at least get his number? He was cute!" Tom asked. "Yea," I replied. "He wrote it on my dick." Tom burst out in laughter. "Well what are you waiting for! Take off your pants so we can call him!" Tom said. I obliged, and dropped my pants. "I've never seen you flacid before," Tom said again. "Oh look. He must have wrote his number when you were hard, because it's all squashed now." "That's easy," I said.

"I just have to get hard again." "That should be no problem," muttered Tom. He walked to the door, locked it, then turned around. Seductively, he started walking back. He pulled off his shirt, allowing me to view his chiseled chest. My dick flickered. He got closer. Then he turned around, pulled off his Levi's, and paraded his marvelous ass around for me to see. I was now half-erect. Enough to make out the numbers, but Tom wasn't done.

He never was. Not until he was naked. So he slid down his underwear, and let me see his skinny butt that I craved so much. "There. Hard as a rock," He said. I looked down; of course, he was right. So I fished my phone from my pocket, typed in the number and sent a text: 'Hey. Come join the fun. Be sure NOT to bring underwear'. He responded back asking for my address, and I gave it to him. "He'll be here at 10," I said. "At that window, right there," I continued, pointing across the room.

"Well," said Tom.


"What should we do for two hours?" He asked. "Oh, I think we'll figure something out." I said, walking towards him with my dick pointing at the ceiling.

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"We will definitely figure something out." Stay tuned for Part 3.